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Five Things That Qualify You as a Personal Injury Client

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People injure themselves every day in many different ways, and often these injuries are minor. However, in cases where someone else is responsible and the injuries are more severe, individuals may be entitled to compensation for personal injury damages. Sometimes, these types of injuries can be extremely serious and have devastating effects on the victims and a major impact on their families. Here are five things that will help determine if you qualify as a personal injury case.

Do You Have a Fairly Serious Injury?

In most cases, the injury received needs to be more than something that will completely heal in just a few days. Usually, minor accidents and injuries can be settled out of court and worked out with the insurance company in an amicable way.

Was Someone Else at Fault For Your Injury?

All personal injury cases are based on the fact that the victim’s injuries are someone else’s fault. The problem has to be mostly their fault, ordinarily more than 50%, and the proof will need to be presented in a court of law.

Was the Personal Injury Caused by Negligence?

It will have to be established that the person or business at fault is not only to blame for your injuries, but that their negligence resulted in your injuries. You will need to prove this person or business was willfully and knowingly careless in taking the proper steps in which would have prevented your injury. Therefore, you must substantiate that you suffered damages because of their direct negligence.

Did You See a Doctor for Your Personal Injuries?

You must be under the care of a doctor for your injury. If you don’t have the money to seek the services of a physician, you can always go to the emergency center at the county hospital.

Is There a Means to Recover Money from the Party at Fault?

There must be a way to recover funds from the person or business liable for your damages. If not, you will be wasting your time and effort trying to attain it. Normally, compensation for your personal injuries would be received through the person at fault’s insurance company.

According to the Law Offices of Michael C. Cohen, if you are planning to file a personal injury case, it may be wise to hire a reliable personal injury lawyer. Professional personal injury attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable in the legal steps required to file a personal injury case. They can get you the compensation for the injuries, damages and losses that you and your family deserve.

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