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Your Workers’ Compensation Case: What Exactly Can You Expect?

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An individual who is facing a day in court for a workers’ compensation trial needs to prepare themselves mentally for the experience that they are about to endure. Any trials, especially workers’ compensation trials, are never easy or pleasant affairs. During the trial, there are going to be two groups of individuals basically arguing with each other trying to prove that their side of the case is the most valid side. Court trials are not about trying to find a compromise, but instead, they are about trying to win and make the opposing side lose.

Your Credibility Is in Question

An individual involved in a workers’ compensation trial will have to realize that a good portion of the trial is determining whether or not what they said about their injuries is true. This means that the insurance company, which backs the business that the worker worked for, is going to come into the situation looking to put the injured individual in the worst light possible. For this reason this individual must be prepared to have their credibility attacked.

In an attempt to discredit the injured individual, insurance companies are going to use everything at their disposal, including surveillance films, photographs, and witness testimony to show the court that the worker is either not as injured as they claim or the worker received these injuries outside of work.

A Good Lawyer Will Make All the Difference

Going into trial, the injured worker has to have a few things clear in their mind. First, they must realize that just because they have a strong case does not automatically mean that they are going to win. One of the determining factors in whether or not an injured worker wins their case is the lawyer they have working for them. Having an experienced attorney back you up while you are in court is going to make your day in court a lot less stressful, and it is also going to increase the chances that the end results are positive. The lawyers at the Law offices of James E. Latimer understand the entire workers’ compensation litigation process. And for this reason, many have turned to them to help them through the challenges that come with workers’ compensation litigation.

A good workers’ compensation attorney is going to spend hours preparing for trial. They will review and gather all of the information that is available pertaining to your case. This may mean sitting down and talking with witnesses, reviewing medical records, and reviewing medical bills.

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