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Six Tips to Preventing Workplace Injuries

Injuries in the workplace can cause many problems for employees, employers, and even coworkers. They can cause time and money to be lost for everyone involved and can create lasting damage on the person that was hurt. A workers comp lawyer in Philadelphia and any other large city for that matter sees hundreds of these cases every year and has compiled a list for preventing the problems.

Follow Safety Procedures

Employers and companies put specific safety procedures into place to help employees safely and successfully do their job. It is important that employees follow these procedures to prevent themselves from getting hurt while doing their job.

Remain Alert

Employees that are well rested and aware of their surroundings have a smaller chance for getting hurt while on the job. It is important to remain alert at all times during your particular job. If you are having trouble, try getting more sleep or practicing certain morning activities.


Communication is an extremely important aspect of life, but even more so in the workplace. Employees should always communicate with each other, no matter the job that they are doing. By communicating with each other, employees are creating less of a chance for accidental injury due to a miscommunication.

Speak Up

It is a fact of life that not everyone does their job exactly how they are supposed to. If you see someone that is not doing their job the proper way, it is important for you to inform a supervisor. Doing this will help the employee do their job properly and will prevent accidents that can lead to injuries.


Like employees, many supervisors do not do their job the proper way. If a supervisor asks you to do something that is not in accordance with safety procedures, inform them that you do not feel comfortable breaking company policy.

Stay Clean

Most workplace atmospheres have zero tolerance policies for drugs and alcohol while on the job. Abstain from using anything while doing work and you will be able to perform your job better and operate in a much safer manner.

Despite using the above safety tips, it is important to contact an attorney for a free consultation if there has been a workplace injury. Always be safe while on the job, but if an accident occurs always get the help that you need.

This article is from Karleia Steiner, who works as a freelance blogger and consultant. You can follow her on Google+.

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