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Criminal Justice – Five Things About This Interesting Profession

There are many rewarding careers in the criminal justice field. This is an area where there are a wide range of jobs in both the public and private sector. Some of these careers require a college degree or special training, but others are possible to enter with only a high school diploma. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want to pursue a profession related to criminal justice.

1. Good Pay and Economic Security

There are many types of criminal justice jobs, and this is a sector of the economy that is likely to keep growing or at least remain stable. Many jobs in criminal justice pay well, especially if you make progress in your career. Whether your intention is to become a police officer, security guard, forensic investigator, corrections officer, or any other specialty within this field, the possibilities are numerous. This is the type of career that you can pursue regardless of economic conditions and in just about any location.

2. Satisfaction of Helping People

Many people pursue a career in criminal justice because they want to serve their communities and keep them safe. Jobs in this field are among the most satisfying because they fulfill a genuine need. This is something you can be proud to tell your friends, family and acquaintances when they ask you what kind of work you do. For example, DWI attorneys like Ianniello Anderson, P.C., are in a perfect position to help people accused of driving felonies that they may have not committed.

3. Exciting Work

Compared to many careers, criminal justice allows you to focus on some interesting and diverse activities. Tasks such as pursuing criminals, solving crimes or investigating evidence is often more exciting than most jobs. Of course, the particular responsibilities vary a great deal depending on what type of criminal justice career you pursue, but there is a real opportunity to find stimulating work.

4. Career Mobility

Even people who enjoy their jobs often like to make changes. In criminal justice careers, this is often a real possibility. The skills you learn in one job can often be transferred to another. There is also the opportunity to retire from one career and enter another or start your own business. For example, many retired police officers become security guards or private investigators.

5. Early Retirement With Good Benefits

Because many criminal justice jobs are difficult and dangerous, they often offer early retirement with good benefits. This allows people to either relax and enjoy their retirement or pursue a second career in mid-life, while still collecting their pension and other benefits.

This article is from Trisha Borren. Tricia is a mom and a blogger from Beverly Hills.

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