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Fall Off Your Mountain Bike? Water Skiing Accident? Things to Remember for Sports Accidents

Sports such as mountain biking and water skiing are enjoyable activities for the summer as long as precaution to prevent injury happens. However, it’s very common for ankles, wrists and other joint injuries to occur. Take into consideration the following advice to cut the risk of personal injury while enjoying active sports.

Mountain Bike Falls and Possible Injury Advice:

It is very common for wrists, knee, elbow or even head injuries to occur when mountain biking. The most common injuries are usually to the wrists, shins, and possibly even some bruises and scrapes to the skin. The easiest way for you to protect yourself from major injury is using protective equipment such as elbow, knee and wrist pads. A second recommendation for beginners is practicing and learning the way to fall to prevent real injury. Make sure you practice the fall in the grass using the hands to break your fall. It’s human nature and an instant reflex for you to “catch” yourself, but to gain experience with the tumble, tuck the hands inwards with elbows pointing outward. Most people can deal with a few scrapes and bruising, and maybe even a broken limb, but head injuries are a whole different animal. ALWAYS make sure you’re wearing a helmet that is certified and fits correctly. One wrong hit to the head and you could be dead, so make sure you protect that noggin!

Water Skiing Injury Advice:

Water skiing injuries usually associate themselves with the ankles more than any other joint group. It’s important to remember the types of injuries to the ankle you could experience and the proper rehabilitation methods. Ankle injuries include Achilles tendon ruptures, ankle fractures and common ankle sprains. These injuries can occur while skiing or after the activity has concluded, with the improper removal of ski equipment. Sprains and fractures require treatment without surgery usually, but for more serious injury surgery is necessary to repair the damage.

The proper rehabilitation practices for water skiing accidents include returning the ankle to normal range of motion, reducing the inflammation around the joint, decreasing the pain, and most importantly giving the ankle enough time to heal. Many water skiing injuries take months for a full recovery, so if any of the practices of rehab are not completed properly, there’s a great chance the injury could persist longer than desired.

In all, for mountain biking and water skiing injuries, remember to understand the injuries involved with the activity, taking preventive measures to reduce the chances of injury and understanding the process of rehabilitation are vital in the case of a sporting accident. A Personal Injury Attorney Reno has said that it is also important to consider contacting a personal injury lawyer for these accidents, especially if equipment or supporting staff has been negligent with identifying the risks adequately before partaking in water skiing or mountain biking.

This article is from Chaleigh Glass. Chaleigh is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in the amazing city of New York. When she isn’t writing Chaleigh loves to travel and explore all that the big city has to offer.

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