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Five Steps You Must Take After Being Injured on the Job

Employees are an employer’s most valuable investments and if it is not for them, there would not be a business. Many workplaces have periodic safety meetings to make sure that their workers do not get injured on the job. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and sometimes people get injured. If you get injured on the job, there are steps that you must take in order get compensated for your injury, have an appropriate recovery time if needed, and try to prevent the accident from happening again.

Report the injury to your supervisor.

Report any injury that you receive on the job to your supervisor immediately; even if it is a minor one. If it is a work related injury that has developed over time, report it as soon as you find out that the injury is actually work related. Make sure that you report it within 30 days so you can receive benefits from workers’ compensation. You may also need to fill out some forms at your workplace that will ask about the details and the circumstances of the accident.

Seek medical attention.

Get treatment for your injury as soon as possible and if it is an emergency, call 911. Some employers want their employees to see company doctors so they can pay for the visits. If it is not an emergency, ask your supervisor or human resource department about the steps you need to take in order to receive compensation.

Be open and transparent about your accident and injury.

If possible, get a copy of the accident forms at work and keep a record of all doctor’s visits and medical bills related to it. Make sure that you discuss in detail every area of the body affected by the accident to your doctor.

Follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to work restrictions.

If your doctor gives you permission to work again, make sure that you follow any workplace restrictions that you may have. For example, if you are unable to do any heavy lifting, do not do it. When you are returning to work, make sure you let your supervisor know about your limitations so they can provide proper workplace accommodations for you.

Hire a personal injury attorney.

If you have been severely injured, unable to work and if workers’ compensation denies your claim, contact a personal injury lawyer. Eric Harron attorney is one of the many that specialize in worker’s’ compensation cases that will help you get the compensation and treatment that you deserve.

This article is from Annette Hazard. She is a freelance writer who usually writes about business, home, and financial issues. She is a mother of one and currently resides in Illinois.

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