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Make Sure You Are Represented: Don’t Forget To Get a Lawyer

For every mishap that can happen to a human being, including personal injury, insurance, divorce, bankruptcy or grand larceny there’s a lawyer who specializes in just that area. There are even lawyers who concentrate on sub-specialties like torts, dog bites or vehicular accidents. The client doesn’t even have to be the victim of a crime to need a lawyer. Lawyers are often needed for estate planning, setting up a business and to tease out the finer points of elder and family law. But how does a person get a lawyer who will represent them?

Ask Around

This is simple, but not that simple. A person who wants a divorce might seek out a colleague who’s just gone through one. The colleague might complain that the lawyer was unfair, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the lawyer won’t be the right one for the prospective client. The client might also look up the lawyer’s website or their page on social media. One good place to look is the Martindale-Hubbell directory, which can point the client in the direction of an appropriate law office, like the Law Offices of Alexander Schure, that specializes in family law.

Making a List

After the research, the client might compile a list of lawyers who might want to handle his or her case. The client might then want to call the law office and set up a consultation. He or she should pay attention even to the way they’re treated over the phone. If the receptionist sounds bored or impatient, the client might want to think twice about visiting the office.

The First Consultation

Many lawyers offer free first consultations. But even before the consultation, the client should gather up relevant data that pertains to their issue. This may include photographs, eyewitness accounts, transcripts, medical bills and other evidence. This will help the lawyer know whether or not he or she wants to take the client’s case.

Further Information

The client might also want to check the bar association in his or her state to find out whether the lawyer’s ever been sanctioned or if there are any outstanding malpractice suits against him or her.

Most of all, the client should find the lawyer sympathetic and willing to work with him or her. The relationship, after all, might last quite a long time. The client should find out what the lawyer’s fee is, how to get in touch with him or her and whether the lawyer will be representing the client personally.

These preliminary steps will help the client choose the best lawyer to represent him or her and will reduce the risk of any surprises during the time of the lawyer/client relationship.

This article is from Marlena Stoddard, who writes on health, parenting and everything in between. Originally from Senoia, GA, Marlena lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her husband and two children. When she isn’t spending time with her children or writing, Marlena enjoys hiking and photography, animals and painting. For more on Marlena, you can follow her on Google+.

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