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Take Note: Three Things You Need to do After Being Injured in a Car Accident

This article is from Annette Hazard. She is a freelance writer who usually writes about business, home, and financial issues. She is a mother of one and currently resides in Illinois.

Some things in life are simply unpredictable. While you can plan for unexpected occurrences, you’ll never be able to predict or avoid them. Car accidents happen all too often, and they can have very serious consequences for the driver and any passengers who might be on-board. If you get tangled up in a car wreck, it would be wise to do the following things immediately after the crash.

1. Take Safety

If you’re hurt during an automobile accident, the first thing that you should do is inspect your injuries. Some people walk away completely unscathed after a seemingly bad collision, but most will at least have some minor bruises or scrapes. Visually check every part of your body for damage. Lacerations, punctures, and other flesh wounds will cause some bleeding, so look for blood wherever you feel pain. Even if you don’t see anything right away, you might be able to feel it once you begin to move. Internal bleeding and broken bones can’t always be spotted with the naked eye, but you’ll typically feel immense pain in such areas.

If you have an open wound, wrap it with whatever you have on hand to control the bleeding such as clothes, blankets, tissues, your bare hand–anything at all. If you believe that a bone is broken, try not to put pressure on that area. Use your working body parts to get yourself out of the wreckage and off the street.

2. Take Note

After assessing your wounds and tending to them, figure out where you are so that emergency responders can locate you as quickly as possible. Jot down details such as road names, nearby buildings or landmarks, and other environmental features. If you’re involved in a crash with another driver, see if you can exchange personal details like names, addresses, license plate numbers, etc. If you don’t have pen and paper on hand, use your cell phone to jot things down. Pictures are also very valuable for anyone trying to help you.

Call 911 using your cell phone to have police and emergency personnel come to your aid. If your wounds appear to be severe, vocally yell for assistance to see if anybody around you can lend a helping hand. Do anything you can to grab people’s attention. Get to the side of the road so that oncoming drivers can spot you, but keep a safe distance away from traffic.

3. Find yourself a lawyer

When the entire ordeal is over, consider hiring experts such as Chicago Medical Legal Help to help you win some monetary compensation for your injuries. If the other driver involved is also injured and decides to sue, you’ll have someone on your side to set things straight. As inconvenient as car accidents can be, you’ll always have to deal with the law afterwards.

Being involved in an auto accident can literally turn your world upside down, but don’t panic. Thinking clearly and acting quickly can save your life and the lives of your loved ones when injuries are present. It’s always best to stock up your car with emergency supplies in case you end up being a victim in an unexpected accident.

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