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Featured Link — Asthma Resources

Many of our Social Security disability clients suffer from asthma. Usually this condition alone is not sufficient to qualify a person for Social Security disability benefits. However, in conjunction with other physical or mental issues, it might be. is a commercial site, but it has is quite a bit of helpful information and links […]

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Skip Jury Duty and You’ll Pay, if Judges in Dallas County Get Their Way

I’ve been complaining for years about the pitifully small turnout for jury service in Dallas County and about the almost complete lack of enforcement. Now, maybe, the County is going to take action. Here are excerpts from an article in the Dallas Morning News: Dallas County residents who fail to show up for jury duty may […]

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Featured Link —Home Fire Safety

I don’t usually have a reason to thank Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, but they do have a helpful site regarding protecting your home from accidental fires. Check out BeFireSafe.

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Friday Fun

I think this is a hilarious video of a dog (inside the yard) racing back and forth with a young deer (outside the yard.)

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Four Signs Someone Else Is Liable for Your Injury

Image courtesy of stockimages / Personal injury can come in many forms. You might be bitten by a dog, injured by unsafe working conditions, or even be hurt because the property owner failed to adequately fix an existing safety issue. When you get injured, you could be out of work for weeks or months. […]

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Featured Link — Publications by the Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration has recently redesigned its Web site, and the new one is full of information and fairly easy to navigate. One thing some people may not realize is that the Social Security Administration provides a vast amount of helpful information online. They also have many publications you can download from the Web […]

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ABA Says Attorneys May Search Potential Jurors’ Online Postings

The AP reports from San Francisco that the American Bar Association “says it’s ethical for lawyers to scour online for publicly available musings of citizens called for jury service – and even jurors in deliberations,” but the ABA “does warn lawyers against actively ‘following’ or ‘friending’ jurors or otherwise invading their private Internet areas.” The AP notes […]

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Whistleblower Claims Guardrails Are Potentially Deadly Hazards

In a 1,300+ word article, Bloomberg News reports that Joshua Harman, claiming Federal whistle-blower status, is suing Trinity Highway Products and its owner, Trinity Industries, “alleging the company made quiet design changes that transformed guardrails intended to reduce injuries into potentially deadly hazards.” Harman claims that Trinity made changes to its ET-Plus end terminal without notifying Federal […]

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Drowsy Drivers, Dangerous Highways

Rules regarding the number of hours big-rig operators can drive have been in the new for several years now, as legislators look for a balance between the safety of drivers and the profits of trucking companies. An opinion piece in the New York Times detailed some of the problems in revising the regulations — especially in […]

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Off-Label Use of Medical Devices Increasing

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on the off-label uses of medical devices, which it says is commonplace in some specialties and allows doctors to solve problems that have no existing solution but that also “comes with risks for patients.” It points out that physicians “have complete discretion to use medical devices in any way they think helps […]

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