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Four Signs Someone Else Is Liable for Your Injury

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Personal injury can come in many forms. You might be bitten by a dog, injured by unsafe working conditions, or even be hurt because the property owner failed to adequately fix an existing safety issue.

When you get injured, you could be out of work for weeks or months. You may even be out of a job permanently due to life-long injuries. To get back on the road to recovery, you need to seek compensation for your injuries so that you can get them treated as soon as possible.

Determining who is at fault is the first step in this lengthy process. Here are four signs that will help you determine if the injury was someone’s fault other than your own.

Sign #1: The Owner Knew About the Danger

If the owner knew about the dangerous conditions that led to you acquiring your illness or injury, then they are likely at fault. It’s their job to ensure that you have a safe, hazard-free environment that won’t result in injury.

If the property owner failed to correct issues in a timely manner or failed to put up warning signs that would help you prevent the injury, then the owner is likely at fault.

Sign #2: Danger Was Hidden

Injuries that you sustain from hidden dangers are as bad as ones that you can detect outright. Things like wet floors, side effects from chemical exposure and even an uneven floor qualify as hidden dangers that may be hard to detect by themselves.

The property owner is still liable to a degree in these instances. Proper maintenance and repair should usually prevent the conditions required for making such a danger possible.

Sign #3: Someone Purposely Created the Dangerous Conditions

It’s common for a bitter employee or even unhappy owner to create the dangerous conditions that led to you becoming injured. This is one of the clearest signs of whom is at fault for your injury.

The problem can be determining who to file a lawsuit against in this case. Firms such as the Cantini Law Group can help determine who should be sued in the case of personal injury.

Sign #4: You Were Exposed to Dangerous Chemicals

Illness and permanent disability tends to be the result of exposure to dangerous chemicals. They can do everything from burning your skin to causing terminal illnesses, which means that they are among the most grievous types of personal injury.

Determining Who’s at Fault for Your Personal Injury

Although these are clear signs that someone other than yourself is at fault for your personal injury, the actual process of determining the individual whom is at fault is a more complicated one. Your best bet to do this is to use the aid of an experienced legal counsel.

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