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Three Secrets To Expediting Your Social Security Disability Claim

When you have acquired a disability, your first concern should be the maintenance of your health, but other issues, such as financial concerns, are also pressing needs. Filing for Social Security disability income can be a lengthy and confusing process. In order to keep it as simple and successful as possible, follow these tips for creating the best possible odds for your claim.

Enlist Your Physician’s Support

One important factor in a successful decision on your case is your physician’s support of your claim. Your physician will be required to file a “residual functional capacity,” or RFC, form detailing the extent of your disability and how it affects your overall function in life. In addition, applying for Social Security disability requires that you also provide extensive medical records to support your claim. If your physician is in full support of your disability case, you are more likely to get timely compliance on these important details to help your claim receive a favorable decision.

Stay Aware of the Many Deadlines

The process of applying for Social Security disability involves a number of important deadlines that you should follow scrupulously. Keep careful records of any paperwork you send to the application agency and ensure that they are properly dated. This measure will avoid any confusion about when you complied with requirements. Paperwork can get lost or misplaced. Having a copy of all documents will help to resolve any problems that may arise. If additional information is requested, be sure to provide it in an expeditious manner to ensure that your case remains active.

Consult A Disability Attorney To Help Your Case

It’s a fact that most applicants for Social Security disability have their case denied on the first attempt. SSDI provides an appeal process that allows applicants to try their claim again. Many find that they are successful in the appeal process, but only if they have provided additional medical information or documentation of their previous work record. In many cases, hiring an attorney that understands the application process and can expedite the paperwork is the best way to ensure a successful decision. A firm that is experienced in Social Security disability claims such as Horn & Kelley PC Attorneys at Law can ensure that your case gets the fairest hearing by the deciding agency.

Filing for a Social Security disability claim needn’t be a grueling, nerve-wracking experience. Use these tips to ensure that the process for your claim goes smoothly.

This article is from Karleia Steiner, who works as a freelance blogger and consultant. You can follow her on Google+.

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