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Injured On Vacation? Four Things To Remember If You’re Hurt Abroad

When traveling to a foreign country, you probably have more exciting things on your mind than the possibility of being injured. The truth is, you can get injured anywhere, and many popular tourist activities are inherently a little bit dangerous. For example, most scenic destinations insist that their countryside is too beautiful to be seen from the road; they’ll suggest taking a bicycle tour, hiking through wilderness, and zip-lining above a canopy of trees. While these are all brilliant ideas for the athletic tourist, companies that provide these attractions do not assume liability for any injuries that may occur. If you do become injured, keep these four things in mind while seeking treatment.

1. Always buy travel insurance

Travelers are often tempted to opt out of travel insurance to save some money on an already expensive trip. Keep in mind that you are running a risk by not purchasing a policy; your domestic healthcare insurance may not cover you once you leave the country. All medical costs incurred from an overseas injury may have to come straight out of your own pocket. The purpose of a travel insurance policy is to cover any medical treatments necessary to getting you healthy enough to fly home. Depending on your policy, it may also cover additional travel expenses if things like ground assistance become necessary. Sometimes, they will even pay for you to travel to a different hospital or city if you feel they are more trusted than the city in which you are injured.

2. Keep track of all receipts and reports

Whether you’ve thought ahead enough to purchase travel insurance or not, it is important to keep all of your receipts, medical records, police reports, and medical reports. This will help you sort out what can or cannot be reimbursed once you’re back home. If you have any hope of speaking with an attorney, these records will be extremely important to your case. It will also help your medical treatment transition much more smoothly. X-rays and other diagnostics are especially important to avoid having them performed twice. Additionally, you may be able to file a claim through your domestic insurance with the proper paperwork.

3. Contact your country’s embassy if you need help

Embassies exist for this very purpose. If you are injured, assaulted, or get into any kind of trouble in a foreign country, your embassy will try to assist you in any way possible. If you are caught without insurance and without money, the embassy may be able to find funding for you to pursue medical treatment.

4. Once you are home, speak with an attorney

It is hard to trust medical facilities in a foreign country. It is even harder to trust foreign individuals who have been involved in your accident. Most people will do whatever they can to avoid paying for someone else’s medical treatment. has said whether you think you have a case or not, speaking with an attorney who is familiar with overseas laws and statutes will help you get the treatment and reimbursement necessary to your injury. Attorneys know more about overseas law than we could ever hope to and may be able to find you more money than you had thought possible. Even the smallest possibility of reimbursement should be pursued.

Traveling abroad should be a fun and exciting time of stress-free relaxation. Becoming injured in a foreign country is a nightmare. Unfortunately, these things sometimes happen. If this happens to you, keep in mind these four tips, and you will be much better off. Do your diligence to get back into good health as soon as possible. Most importantly, stay safe out there.

This article is from Chaleigh Glass. Chaleigh is a freelance writer and photographer who lives in the amazing city of New York. When she isn’t writing Chaleigh loves to travel and explore all that the big city has to offer.

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