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Medical Research Renews Hope for Promising Mesothelioma Treatments

The prognosis for people who are diagnosed with the asbestos-related cancer known as mesothelioma is often perceived to be poor, but new medical research is showing some more positive signs that certain drugs may well improve the treatment of this disease.

New approaches to treat mesothelioma are currently being subjected to clinical trials and they consist of a combination of traditional treatments together with some new ideas and innovations.

The promise of a better outcome

There are a number of ongoing clinical trials and some of the treatments being used include Endostatin.

Scientific researchers have noted that Endostatin has the capacity to destroy a tumor’s ability to grow blood vessels when combined with Angiostatin. This outcome has been achieved without harming normal cells and is a positive step in combating the effects of mesothelioma.

L-NDDP is designed to overcome the toxicity and drug resistance issues which currently limit the usefulness of platinum drugs such as Cisplatin. Intrapleural administration of this platinum product has been shown to tackle this problem and a recent trial actually produced remission in two cancer patients.

Other ideas being subjected to ongoing testing include the use of Lovastatin. This cholesterol drug has shown in recent studies that it has the potential to inhibit the growth of mesothelioma cancer cells.

Other notable studies include the use of photodynamic therapy to kill cancer cells using the energy of light and further studies to elaborate on the initial findings of a study that showed the ability of interferon interlukin to prevent the growth of mesothelioma cells in mice.

Clinical trials

If you are diagnosed with mesothelioma you will want to consider all your treatment options and you may be offered the opportunity to partake in clinical trials.

The decision to participate in a clinical trial is a deeply personal one and dependent on your attitude and what you feel is the right thing to do in your circumstances. The benefits of taking an active part in a clinical trial include access to health care provided by leading physicians in the field of cancer research.

You will also probably get the opportunity to gain access to new drugs before they become commercially available and you will also get the chance to make a worthwhile contribution to cancer research as well as taking proactive role in your own health care route.

You have to weigh up the risk associated with volunteering for clinical trials. These can include possible side effects from the drugs unknown to the doctors. There is the possibility that the new drugs being used turn out to be ineffective or simply don’t work for you.

If there is a positive aspect to being diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is that you can find access to plenty of the support that you need.

You can also take some small comfort from the fact that expenditure levels on finding successful treatments for this disease are at their highest ever level.

This article is from Katie Johnson, who has a diverse background in PR, journalism and digital marketing. She is focused on creating a unique community for family, friends or those who are diagnosed with mesothelioma or an asbestos-related disease.

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