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The Role and Importance of Immigration Lawyers

The role of immigration lawyer is somewhat distinctive when compared to other types of lawyers. Immigration lawyers help those persons who are facing difficulties with managing immigration needs. The immigration lawyer usually acts as an advisor or counselor or a consultant to foreign citizens and immigrants who should interact with US Immigration Authority. Immigration lawyers give recommendations and guidance for various matters like green cards, naturalization, citizenship, visa application, employment for non-citizens and deportation issues.

As compared to other types of lawyers, immigration lawyers spend less time in handling civil disputes in court. They sometimes act as mediators between immigration authorities (THE US CITIZENSHIP & IMMIGRATION SERVICES) and clients.

Moreover, immigration lawyers create appearances before immigration judges if a client is facing an immigration hearing in the court. Several immigration lawyers jointly handle matters that involve an interaction between immigration and criminal laws.

Circumstances or Situations Where Hiring an Immigration Lawyer Is Imperative

  1. If a person (Applicant) has been convicted of a crime: Almost all USCIS forms include whether or not the person has been convicted of a crime. The person should disclose their entire criminal records, even for the charges that were dropped or eliminated. It is not necessary to hire a criminal lawyer as immigration lawyers should always know how immigration and criminal law overlap.
  2. Previous immigration applications have been repudiated: An immigration lawyer will be able to determine the reason for the repudiation of application. They can tell if it is possible to request for the application or re-apply later in the future.
  3. If the person has antecedently deported or excluded from the entry into the United States: Sometimes the person is permanently barred from future applications (Deportation or Exclusion). An Immigration Lawyer a deportation lawyer can give advice on effects of exclusion and deportation.
  4. If a person incorporates some medical conditions: Not all, but some medical conditions may prevent a person from getting entry into the United States (such as communicable diseases).
  5. When a person is waiting for a long time during the application process without any reason: Immigration lawyers are aware of application processes, together with deadlines and waiting times. A lawyer generally facilitates the person in accelerating the process.
  6. If the applicant’s wedding to a US National was terminated: Visa applications based on marriages are generally filed together. In case marriage has been terminated due to death or divorce, it can be significantly troublesome to prove that the wedding was not fraudulent.
  7. If a person is immigrating to the United States with his or her family and their child would reach at the age of 21 before permanent resident status is granted: The eligibility criteria for permanent resident status is totally different for youngsters underneath the age of 21. An immigration lawyer will facilitate by determining the most effective method of filing for children above 21 years of age.
  8. If a person has started the application process but does not know the next step: Sometimes USCIS may request you do some extra work or documentation to support the claim for an applicant. Working with an immigration lawyer from the start of the process can help in preventing delays and make the process speedy.
  9. Conclusion: Immigration matters are often complex and difficult to understand and may take several months or years to complete. Working with an immigration lawyer can be helpful and save your time in sorting out the different immigration requirements.

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