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Advanced Technology Wins Personal Injury Cases

Technology has changed the law profession. If you watched any part of the O.J. Simpson trial back in the mid-nineties, you might remember hearing, “Put that up on the ELMO, please.” The ELMO was the type of projector used in the case as the main way of presenting evidence in the trial, reports Presentation Solutions. With the advent of new technology, attorneys for both sides are better able to prepare and present their cases for their clients—and win.

What types of advanced technology are attorneys using these days? Read on:


The iPad is possibly the most used wireless device in the court room. Attorneys use the mobile device for research, composing and managing depositions and organizing exhibits. Linking an iPad with courtroom presentation technology allows lawyers to show exhibits and illustrations in detail.

Keeping and maintaining records, which can end up being tens of thousands of documents, is made much simpler with a tablet device. The benefit of carrying a slim iPad case and having access to the fully organized case before and during a personal injury trial can’t be over emphasized. Being able to track and access all documents in one place with the touch of a finger is invaluable to an attorney.

Attorneys are beginning to let clients use iPads to help their cases. The Phoenix-based law firm Fennemore Craig keeps iPads for clients to use while their case is active. Clients are able to provide needed information, sign forms, or keep in touch with their lawyers 24/7 by using email, apps and Skype. They will have all information about the case instantaneously available to them via the iPad at any time.

Look for judges and jurors to use iPads in the not-so-distant future.

Google Glass

Google Glass can be of immense assistance to personal injury attorneys in a number of ways. For instance, attorneys want to use Glass to show the jurors how much their clients suffer in their everyday life to support a claim, but Google considers it a possible breach of privacy, reports a University of Richmond study. The courts will be examining the issue more closely in the future.

Google Glass has precise video and audio capabilities that work quicker than smart phones or cameras, which can be extraordinarily helpful to either side of a personal injury case. If a witness is on hand at an accident or a sexual assault, for example, he can begin recording the incident almost immediately; jurors will then be able to see the accident first-hand.

Attorneys are continuing to explore ingenious ways to use Glass; future full-time implementation is only a matter of time, depending on when the legal issues can be resolved, of course.

Other Law Tech

There are other ways to use technology for a personal injury claim. A defense attorney might hire an investigator to check out a plaintiff’s social media profiles; photos of a plaintiff doing the limbo posted on Facebook could severely damage a case if the person is suing for damages due to the back injury.

Black boxes for cars are now being used, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently pushing for mandatory installation. Black boxes can record data, such as how fast the driver was going, when or if she braked, or if she was wearing a seat belt.

The cloud is another area that is great for both lawyers and clients. All information regarding the case can be stored securely, and can be accessed at any time with the proper credentials, notes Slootsky Law.

Court rooms are just beginning to embrace advanced technology. When they begin to use it full-force, attorneys will rejoice. And win.

This article is from Lori Cline, an accomplished award-winning writer who specializes in tech and gadgets, as well as beauty and women’s wellness. She lives with her daughter in the western United States.

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