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Friday Fun

Our daughter and her family had to move from Texas to northern New Jersey this summer. She recently needed something and the closest store that carried it was across the border in New York, so she drove there and got it. In retrospect she said “Dad, can you even imagine driving to another state just to buy something?!” That is DEFINITELY not something we do in Texas. Here’s why:

Finally, a map to show why you don’t go to Corpus every weekend.


Finally, you have something to show your out of state relatives, who ask why you don’t visit your distant cousin in Corpus Christi more often…”I mean, how far away is it really?” Well facts are facts, and that annoying aunt may actually be closer to your cousin than you are.

Texas is 790 miles long. The red on this map represents the area that is within 790 miles of Texas. That is to say, if you are within this red zone, you are closer to somewhere in Texas than other parts of Texas are…

Looking for a few more,

Beaumont is closer to Tampa than El Paso.

Brownsville is closer to Mexico City than DFW.

Texarkana is closer to Atlanta than El Paso.

Corpus is closer to Cuba than Denver.

Austin is closer to New Orleans than El Paso

Downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas is longer than the Gaza Strip is long, longer than the English channel.

Dallas to Houston is nearly the same distance as Paris to London.

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