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Motorcycle Accident Injury? Six Steps To Take Immediately

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most liberating experiences you can encounter, but being up on two wheels can also carry some extra risks since other motorists don’t always notice you or understand the safest practices when sharing the roadway with motorcyclists. Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to an accident. If this should occur to you, there are a few simple steps to remember in order to protect you and your rights. Naturally, what you can accomplish after the accident will depend on the severity of any injuries you may have suffered.

Seek Medical Assistance

This might initially seem like a no-brainer, but it is not unusual for individuals involved in accidents to go into shock and not even be aware of their injuries or their severity. If you are in a condition to take photos of your injuries, that may help your case later.

Report the Accident

Whether you report it yourself or have someone else do it, make sure it is reported to the proper local authorities and be sure they respond. This is also a good time to contact your insurance company to notify them of the accident.

Gather Information

If at all possible get as much information as you can from others involved in the accident including license information, insurance information and any other pertinent data. If you can find out their planned destination, and where they came from, that may come in handy as well.

Talk With Witnesses

At the very least try to get contact information from anyone who may have seen the accident. If an accident investigator is needed, this can be vital information.

Take Photos

If you can get photos of the accident scene before any of the vehicles are moved it can help recreate the accident later on. This will help for insurance purposes and can more easily determine who is at fault.

Contact an Attorney

This final item may be the most critical. Whether you have been injured or even if there is a possibility of an injury, you will need the assistance of a reliable personal injury attorney. Some of your injuries may not show up until hours or days after an accident, so protect yourself.

Other guidelines to follow if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident include never admitting any responsibility for the accident, regardless of the situation. Another good piece of advice is to refuse any offer from an insurance company until you have secured the services of an attorney.

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