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What You Must Know About Long-Term Disability Claims

A long-term disability is defined as one that limits your ability to undertake certain activities associated with daily living, according to the Survey on Disability by the Canadian Government. This may include activities associated with your employment. If you are considering pursuing long-term disability compensation, you need to understand some essential factors associated with this type of claim.

Time is of the Essence

One of the most significant elements associated with a long-term disability claim is time. Generally speaking, in Canada, if a period of disability is six months or less, long-term disability insurance coverage will not be available to you. This does not necessarily mean that you need to wait until the initial six months of disability runs before submitting and pursuing a claim.

You can seek medical support for the proposition that your period of disability will extend beyond the six month mark (or whatever specific period of time is established by a long-term disability insurance policy). Oftentimes, during the period of time prior to the date long-term disability insurance coverage kicks in or becomes available, a person may have access to a short-term disability insurance policy.

Who Provides Long-Term Insurance Coverage

In some instances, an employer makes available to employees bundled insurance protection that includes both short-term and long-term disability insurance coverage. In other cases, an employer may provide short-term disability insurance coverage only. In that event, you would need to obtain a private policy of long-term disability insurance if you desire this type of protection.

Legal Assistance and a Long-Term Disability Claim

An important strategy to consider when you face a long-term disability claim is engaging the services of a skilled, qualified and tenacious attorney from Cantini Law Group Accident and Disability Lawyers or similar firms. The reality is that obtaining all of the benefits and compensation to which you are qualified via a long-term disability claim can be challenging. In addition, insurance companies do everything in their power to delay compensation, limit the amount of compensation and even to deny compensation when a person has filed a valid claim for relief.

The first step in engaging the services of a qualified long-term disability attorney is scheduling an initial consultation. Through an initial consultation, a lawyer will evaluate your class and explain what strategies and options are available to you. Canadian attorneys typically do not charge a fee for an initial consultation in a long-term disability case. You can seek out this type of professional assistance directly after the perceived need for long-term insurance compensation arises.

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