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Not at Fault in Your Motorcycle Accident? Four Tips to Recoup Your Losses

If you’ve had a motorcycle accident for which you are not at fault, you are probably concerned about how to recoup your financial losses. Knowing what to do to recover the loss can mean the difference between you being able to stay financially solvent or needing to file bankruptcy. An informative guide to taking steps to recoup your losses and playing it smart can be found at

The Scene of the Accident

It is important to gather insurance information, names of witnesses, and take pictures of the location of all of the vehicles involved. The insurance company of the other vehicle is going to be interested in the scene of the accident and may even call you asking for your version, but don’t be lulled into thinking they want to help you.

Get a Lawyer

Navigating the complexities of getting the money due you from insurance companies or other responsible parties can be daunting. A lawyer can question witnesses, investigate the scene, gather police reports, call expert witness, recreate the accident scene, investigate driving records, and negotiate with insurance companies. Most personal injury lawyers will take cases based on receiving a commission of the recovery. To find a motorcycle accident lawyer in your area check sites like

Investigate Negligence Possibilities

While most cases of negligence will involve the other vehicle involved, it is important to look at other possibilities that might have played a role. Were there hazards that the city, a nearby homeowner or business may have contributed to the accident? Was the driver of the other vehicle driving as a representative of a company? Is there a defect in one of the vehicles?

Avoid Social Media and Text Pitfalls

Social media and phone text have become routinely used in court cases. People have become used to shouting facts about daily life from the rooftop, not realizing that their public statements could be used against them. Regaining loss may depend on you not discussing the accident online or posting pictures that would cause anyone to doubt what happened, as well as on not sending an incriminating text to the other driver that leaves a written record.

Motorcyclists have an increased risk of injury and loss of property in accidents, so it is important to be aware of what you can do to minimize these risks. An accident has the potential to cripple one’s finances. The best advice is to not try to recoup your loss without the help of professionals.

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