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Common Mistakes People Make Right After a Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, within no time your life becomes chaotic and disorganized. Some of the things that wreak havoc in your life are financial problems, injuries and no transportation to get to and from work. And, to make matters worse, people make some common mistakes right after a car accident that add to your woes.

In 2013, 2.31 million people sustained injuries in motor vehicle accidents and many of them must have made these common mistakes right after their car accidents that prevented them from getting compensated.

Not Getting Checked by a Doctor

Generally, people tend to leave the accident scene believing they are fine and have not sustained any injury. However, the following morning it hits them they are injured. It is best to seek medical attention right after the accident. This will not only ensure your wellbeing, but also make sure no problems occur with your insurance provider when you are filing a claim.

Taking Blame for the Car Accident

You may, at times, believe the accident occurred because you were at fault. Under such circumstances, it is best to keep quiet and not take the blame when the police is filing the report. Let the police investigate and check with witnesses to find out who was at fault. It could save you a lot of money in insurance premiums if it turns out the other party was at fault and not you!

Not Clicking Photographs of the Accident

Today, most people carry a smartphone or have a camera on their phone. Make use of technology to your advantage and click photographs of your car and the other person’s as well. In case injuries don’t allow you, visit the scene later, after seeking medical attention, to click photographs. During this time, make a note (with paper and pen) about the weather conditions, the state of the road and the time when the accident occurred. These are important and you may forget small, but important, details later on.

Not Consulting a Lawyer

You should always consult an auto accident attorney right after a car accident. Don’t delay. If your injuries don’t allow you to seek legal counsel, get a family member to do it on your behalf. An experienced and trained personal injury attorney will help you through the compensation process and ensure you get what is due to you.

Signing Waivers or Giving Statements to Your Insurance Provider

Many insurance companies use certain tricks to avoid paying compensation. They send waivers to people involved in a car accident with the hope these gullible people will waive their right to compensation. And, alarmingly, many people end up signing these waivers without consulting their personal injury lawyer. Don’t sign anything or give any type of statement to the insurance provider without first checking with your lawyer and getting his or her approval.

Car accidents can turn your life topsy-turvy. By avoiding these common mistakes right after an accident, you can put some semblance of normality back into your life.

This article was written by Amanda Kaestner. @AmandaJaylene shares her experience on injury and auto collisions from her home along the busy roads of Phoenix. From DUI laws, to red light cameras, to traffic collisions – she’s witnessed a fair share of accidents in Arizona.

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