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Financial Security: Tips For Handling The Expenses Associated With An Auto Accident

Going through an auto accident claim process is not easy or pleasant. The article below gives several financial tips to keep in mind that help make the claim settlement process go more smoothly. They may also help give you an advantage in dealing with the financial aspects of a settlement process.

Be Realistic: It’s All About You Versus The Other Side

Being mindful that a “third-party” insurance provider is in business to protect its own interests and that of its policyholder, one must be on guard as to what is stated in recorded conversations. The other party’s auto insurer will do whatever it can to settle quickly and may pay out less than the amount you believe you should receive in compensation. It may also try to discredit your testimony, so be prepared to use a great deal of patience, as well as self-control, during the entire process.

Being Prepared

A camera and a notebook with pencil in one’s auto will go a long way when an accident takes place. You’ll need at least these items to properly record what took place in the accident. The other driver’s insurance appraisers carry these with them at all times and so should you. If you use film, be sure to keep all receipts for developing the prints along with a separate batch of prints as copies. Be sure to save pictures from a smartphone in a separate location in the event that the pictures are deleted or you lose your phone.

Crucial Contact Information

Be certain to get information containing the other driver’s insurance policy number, insurance company’s name and license tag/driver’s license number. Also, the car registration information is equally important as is the name of the presiding police officer, the badge ID, precinct number and the official police report.

Never Sign A Release Until You Are Ready

Unless you feel it’s the right time, don’t sign anything. Be especially cautious with unsolicited phone calls and/or those wanting your personal information. You should talk with a lawyer before signing anything you are unsure about.

Gather All Your Documented Expenses

Gathering all your documented receipts is crucially important. This should include several body shop repair estimates. Also, any hospital billing information with admission date, times and subsequent treatments received should be documented. In some cases, proof of loss of salary due to time off is a must. If transportation is needed, secure car rental agreements and any additional insurance for the rental car. Receipts of taxicab fares plus tips, if any, will be needed. However, not many taxicab drivers offer receipts, so this may prove a challenge.

Personal Injury Attorney

Depending on the amount of damages sustained an the extent of injuries received, legal representation is essential. When injuries result due to the accident, then a personal injury attorney may be the best choice for you.

Consequently, take your time and never succumb to pressure tactics by anyone for a fast or unsatisfactory settlement. Simply following the above advice with the help of a lawyer can help you to receive payment for financial losses due to the accident.

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