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Five Signs Your Workplace Injury Was Due to Employer Negligence

It is often difficult to tell who is at fault for a workplace injury. Employers will often try to save money by blaming the injury on the person who was harmed. However, there are five key signs that your workplace injury was due to your employer’s negligence.

Your Employer Failed to Document Correctly

There are a few things that must happen after a workplace injury of any kind, however minor it may be. You must immediately notify your employer so they can file a First Report of Injury. You should then be given a copy of this form and directed to get medical treatment. The doctor will give you a Report of Work Ability form that will tell your employer whether and to what extent you can work.

If your employer does not follow this process precisely, they may have something to hide. You should be suspicious if their report is not thorough, has discrepancies, or even has blatant lies. Do not agree to any account that is not a thorough and complete representation of your injury.

Your Injury Was Caused by a Known Hazard

Employers often will ignore hazards rather than deal with them. This could be leaving a wet floor unmarked, failing to provide safety equipment such as glasses, or anything that makes your workplace less safe than it should be. Your employer is required to maintain a safe workplace to industry standards. If they fail to do so and you get hurt as a result, they are guilty of negligence. If your work injury was due to a known hazard, you may have an employer negligence legal case if you choose to pursue it.

Your Injury Could Have Been Prevented With Better Training

Your employer is required to hire people capable of performing their duties safely and providing adequate training for each task. If you were harmed because you couldn’t handle one of your duties safely, negligence may be involved.

Your Injury Was Caused by a Coworker

If a coworker harmed you with equipment, left an area in a dangerous situation, or otherwise contributed to your injury, your employer may have been negligent. Your employer is responsible for training your coworkers to act safely and holding them to high standards. You deserve a safe workplace, including trained and vigilant coworkers.

If any of these factors were present in your workplace injury, your employer may be guilty of negligence. This entitles you to compensation and damages. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney today if you suspect employer negligence contributed to your workplace injury.

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