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Vehicle Safety Additions for Motorists

When it comes to being as safe as possible behind the wheel, most drivers automatically think of standard equipment like air bags. While these are certainly important, there are other upgrades that people can consider to improve their driving safety even more. Consider the following ideas and suggestions:

Coupe, Sedan, Mini Van Motorists: Research Safety Features

Technology like anti-lock brakes and locking seat belts have been around for years, but new cars have upscale features like accident avoidance and tire-pressure monitors. If you’re in the market for a new car, consider the plethora of options available to you and look closely at the safety features offered. These are usually upgrades to the base price of the car, but safety features are crucial and often worth it.

Not sold on buying a new ride just yet? If your current car still has some juice in it, consider purchasing a new set of tires for it. Tires weaken when they are in extreme temperatures. Wear and tear, unpredictable rotations and improper tire pressure can all contribute to your tread and tire safety. If you’re not sure of the last time you got your tires rotated, it might be time to replace them entirely. Shallow tread can be a road hazard and result in a blowout. Continental Tires, available through, makes all-season tires fit for your make and model.

SUV Fans: Invest in an Anti-Roll Bar

As notes, people who drive the bulky SUVs should make an effort to be conservative with their speed, since over-correcting while zipping along on the road can cause the vehicle to flip over. With their high center of gravity, SUVs tend to be more prone to tipping. Adding to this issue is that younger drivers in particular like to add aftermarket items, like lift kits, that only accentuate and add to the height of the SUV.

In order to make the SUV as safe as possible to drive, people should consider installing an anti-roll bar. The equipment, which is also sometimes called a stabilizer or anti-sway bar, can usually be added to the front or the back of the SUV. The metal bar connects both sides of the SUV’s suspension, which gives it much-needed stability when encountering a situation where the SUV might be prone to tip.

Half-Ton Truck Drivers: Heavy-Duty Tie Rods Are a Great Investment

In the steering mechanism of a vehicle, the tie rod is one of the key components. As its name implies, the tie rod is a thin piece of metal that helps to carry force from the steering center link to the steering knuckle. In order to make sure that the tie rods last as long as possible and can withstand the massive weights of half-ton trucks, drivers should consider upgrading to heavy-duty tie rods. As SuperSteer Parts notes, their ultra strong tie rod bolts right in and will replace the stock rod with one that is twice as tough. By upgrading to the heavier quality tie rods, drivers of large pickups don’t have to worry about bent tie rods, which can negatively impact the truck’s ability to steer easily and safely.

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