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Six Signs You Should Pursue A Career In Law

Some people are naturally inclined towards one career path or another. A career in law is no different. While many are innately good at this type of work, with the right amount of patience and effort, almost anyone can pursue a career in law if they are passionate enough. These are six signs that you […]

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Understanding the Legal Effects of Pet Related Injuries

Millions of dog bites take place every single year, and these accidents remain the number one cause of homeowner insurance claims. Due to this phenomenon, many pet owners have found themselves unsure of their legal options and responsibilities after their pet has injured someone or is falsely accused of injuring someone. All pet owners and […]

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What You Need To Know About Your Legal Rights With A Personal Injury

Personal injuries caused by another person or a defective product can be confusing. It is not always clear exactly what you can and cannot do under the law. You need to know about your legal rights when dealing with a personal injury. You Are Legally Entitled To Fair Compensation You are legally entitled to fair […]

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Cost of a Car Crash: Tips for Estimating Your Finances After the Fact

Car crashes can be a gigantic headache to deal with. The most important aspect after a crash is to make sure all parties involved are physically okay. After that, the dread of dealing with financial repercussions can be horrific. If you ever find yourself dealing with a car crash, follow these tips for estimating and […]

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Happy 10th Anniversary to PISSD!

Today is the 10th anniversary of this blog. I had no idea what I was getting into back on April 25, 2005. Since that time I have published almost 4,000 blog posts here, plus many more on my other blogs. I have either published, or have scheduled to be published, 560 Friday Fun posts — […]

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Friday Fun

I’m pretty good at spelling and grammar, but if I ever got a tattoo I would have a dictionary and a grammar guide in my hands the entire time. These poor people obviously did not.

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Five Things You Need to Have a Successful Personal Injury Trial

Personal injury law firms have an extensive list of open cases, requiring as much personal attention as the last. In addition to their current caseload, administrative, accounting and marketing tasks must be completed to keep the firm running on a full time basis. Increasing your chances of success early on during trial will help reduce […]

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The First Five Things To Do When You Are Accused Of A Crime You Didn’t Commit

While you might think that there is no way you will ever get arrested, you must remember that plenty of innocent people have been falsely accused of crimes merely because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a turn of events, you might find that you have been accused of a […]

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How A DUI Conviction Can Affect Your Employment And Relationships

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a serious charge. If you are convicted of this crime, then you will have a permanent mark on your record. A conviction will follow you forever and change many parts of your life. You should understand how a DUI conviction could affect your employment and relationships. Problems Due […]

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Word of Mouth — The Powerful Injury Attorney Marketing Tool

The Internet has become a useful tool for injury lawyers in particular, whether it is to gain potential clients, do research or network online on sites like Google Plus, and so on and so forth. Of course, negligence law practitioners around the country generally already have a negative reputation as “ambulance chasers,” so even if […]

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