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Five Rewarding Careers Every Law Student Should Consider

When most students enter law school, they do so with the idea of becoming attorneys. However, today’s legal world offers many new and exciting career opportunities for those students who want to use their legal training in a variety of fields.

Electronic Information Attorney

As more and more information is sent online, the legal field has found itself scrambling to determine how best to handle litigation involving electronically-stored information. Thus, the need for attorneys specializing in electronic discovery, also known as e-discovery, is growing rapidly. Attorneys in this field learn how to identify, preserve and manage this information as it is to be used in litigation. Due to changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and an ever-growing volume of online information, students who are computer-savvy can expect excellent opportunities ahead.

Legal Aid Paralegal

For those who choose to go with a less traditional route, obtaining a Master’s in Paralegal Studies can land them a job as a Legal Aid paralegal. Handling many of the duties of an attorney, these paralegals fill a critical void by offering low-cost legal help to people who have little if any money to pay for legal services.

Jury Consultant

Attorneys will often say the hardest part of a trial is anticipating how a jury will rule on a case. Jury consultants try to end this uncertainty, using a combination of legal and psychological training to help attorneys craft their arguments and provide insight into jury behavior. Using statistics and information from previous cases, their services have proven to be very effective in a number of high-profile cases including O.J. Simpson and Martha Stewart.

Compliance Specialist

With the many changes in federal laws and passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, regulatory compliance is not only a hot legal field but also one of the most rewarding. Working for consultants, corporations and non-profit groups, these specialists monitor government regulations and are often the first to point out illegal activities being conducted by companies or government agencies.


Many attorneys and paralegals take their legal training and become mediators. Working with individuals and companies, they offer an alternative method to resolve legal disputes without going to trial. A fast-growing field, mediation is viewed as an effective way to reduce heavy caseloads for court systems while letting disputes be resolved without paying high legal costs.

By looking at other career options while in school, law students can discover numerous careers that can be quite rewarding both personally and professionally.

This article is courtesy of Anita Ginsburg, a freelance writer from Denver who often writes about home, family, law and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.

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