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What You Need To Know About Your Legal Rights With A Personal Injury

Personal injuries caused by another person or a defective product can be confusing. It is not always clear exactly what you can and cannot do under the law. You need to know about your legal rights when dealing with a personal injury.

You Are Legally Entitled To Fair Compensation

You are legally entitled to fair compensation for your injuries. This is money from the party responsible to cover financial expenses like medical bills, lost income and future treatments related to your injury. You might also be able to get compensation for things like pain and suffering under certain circumstances. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, it’s important to speak with a lawyer.

You Have the Right to Legal Representation

You have the right to legal representation. This means you can ask for a lawyer immediately after the injury occurs, and you should. Talking to an attorney is important because they will be able to protect your rights, deal with insurance companies and build your case. An attorney is your best chance of getting fair compensation.

You Can Refuse Settlement Offers

Insurance companies are likely to offer you a settlement after a personal injury. You have the legal right to refuse this settlement regardless of what the insurer says. You can refuse all settlement offers in favor of going through the courts to get financial compensation.

You Can File a Claim

You have the legal right to file a civil claim against the people who are responsible for your injuries or the insurance company in some cases. This means you will go to court requesting the money you deserve for your injuries. It is important to remember you have this right since a civil claim is sometimes the only way to get any amount of reasonable compensation.

You Can Go After All Liable Parties

You have the right to go after all liable parties for compensation. You can pursue a claim against a driver, car manufacturer and repair center simultaneously if they were all partly responsible for your injury. This is an important right in product liability or medical malpractice cases.

You Can Pursue a Claim Even If You Were Partially Responsible

A final right to remember is that you can pursue a personal injury claim even if you were partially responsible for the accident. You have to be only partly responsible and not fully responsible. You might still be entitled to some compensation.

You need to take advantage of your legal rights if you are dealing with a personal injury. An attorney can help to protect and exercise those legal rights. Use your rights to win fair compensation and hold the liable parties accountable when necessary.

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