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Car Accident Safety: What You Need To Know After One Happens

A car accident can be a life-altering event that may affect a person for years on end. On average, car accidents cost the U.S. $230.6 billion per year, and almost everyone will experience at least a minor collision at some point in their life. Anyone that gets behind the wheel of a vehicle should understand some of the steps that they can take to not only preserve their own health, but to also get the financial assistance that they deserve to cover the countless costs that are sure to take place in the coming months.

Safety Is a Priority

If an accident ever involves any serious injuries, then the safety of everyone involved should be your priority. Helping out other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists that were injured will not imply guilt whatsoever and could actually make any future negotiations or payment problems much easier. Cars should be pulled off of the road if it is safe to do so, warning lights should be turned on, and everyone involved should be as far away from oncoming traffic as possible. For most collisions, moving the vehicles will not affect the data gathering process and leaving vehicles in the road will actually increase the risk of further injuries.

Collecting Information

As long as no parties are in need of emergency medical care, then you should begin the process of collecting as much data about the accident as possible. Those with a smartphone will want to take some pictures of any nearby signs, damage to the vehicles, tire marks, and damage to any nearby structures. Any drivers that are involved in the accident are also legally required to share their contact information and insurance information. Drivers do not have to share their social security number or driver’s license information with the other driver.

Medical Attention

Deciding if you need medical attention after an accident can be confusing. As a general rule, drivers that have any notion that they are even slightly injured should contact their primary healthcare provider and setup an appointment. One of the most common side effects of a collision is a rush of adrenaline, and this hormone could numb any pain for hours on end. Drivers should also realize what injuries should be treated after the accident. Injuries to the head, back, chest, or neck should be addressed immediately as well as any serious cuts.

Legal Help

A minor fender bender is typically the only time that a driver will not need to consider legal assistance. According to a DWI Lawyer in Austin, Texas, any time that there are injuries, extensive damage to property, a driver under the influence, or the accident involves one or more vehicles, then a lawyer should be contacted. Drivers should also be wary about accepting any immediate payouts offered by an insurance provider. These companies will often attempt to settle for as little as possible by offering an immediate lump sum. This settlement may not cover any ongoing costs, especially with rehabilitation services, medication, emergency surgery, and the inability to work.

Developing a Case

Even if your case does not evolve into a civil trial, a lawyer can be invaluable when it comes to the recovery process. These attorneys will be able to take full control of the situation from the moment that they are contacted and put an end to constant calls from the insurance provider, other drivers, or even the police that were at the scene. They will put in the extensive legwork that is needed to collect all pertinent information in order to have a solid base when entering into mediation with the insurance provider or filing for a trial.

Drivers should always sway to the side of caution when it comes to auto collisions. Even a slight mistake could mean an ongoing battle for fair compensation.

This article is from Rachelle Wilber, a freelance writer living in the San Diego, California area. Rachelle graduated from San Diego State’s School of Journalism and Media Studies with her Bachelor’s degree. She loves writing and can find an interest in almost all things. She believes in a healthy lifestyle which has become a key to happiness for her. You can find her shopping or on the beach.

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