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Unable to Work After a Car Accident? Four Steps to Consider

Being in a car accident is not fun for any of the parties involved. There are always high emotions and sometimes there are injuries that leave you without any options. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then there are likely more ways that you can get your medical bills paid for as well as lost wages as your options broaden. Even if the accident was your fault, there are still some important steps to take if you find that you can’t walk after you have been involved in an accident. Take a look at some of the most basic things you should do after being involved in an accident with another driver.

Find a Doctor

The first thing that you should do after the emergency has settled is get a doctor or specialist to run tests to determine why you can’t walk. There might be some kind of brain damage, or there could be some type of lasting injury to the spine causing the inability to walk or work. The doctor can give you records that you can use in your defense, especially if there was someone else who caused the accident.

Consult With an Attorney

If a doctor finds that you are incapable of working as the result of the accident, then there is a possibility that you can file for compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Consulting an attorney, like those from The Lucky Law Firm, can be the next move that you should make. The attorney can give you details as to how much you might be able to receive and help make sense of this trying time. Any paperwork from doctors and other professionals should be given to the attorney as he will be the one representing you in court.

Alert the Insurance Company

As soon as the accident takes place, you need to contact the insurance company, especially if you are unable to work. Give the company any paperwork from the police about the department. This can help in determining if the damages to your car can be covered and if you can receive any kind of compensation for injuries from the insurance company. The insurance company can also file with the company of the other person who was involved if the accident was not your fault so that you don’t see any increases in your premium or points on your policy.

Pictures and Statements

Take plenty of pictures of the accident if you are in the right mind to do so. Even if police officers take pictures, you need to have your own to show to the insurance company and your attorney. It’s also a good idea to get statements and contact information from those who witnessed the accident as they may be necessary.

Not being able to work can be frightening for your financial future. After a car accident, anything can go wrong, even several days after the incident. As soon as you experience any kind of pain or difficulties, you need to seek treatment and get the legal help that you need so make sure you are diligent during this trying time.

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