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How To Deal With Financial Losses Following A Car Accident

While no one expects to get in an accident while driving, it happens to many drivers every day. The pain and trauma of a car accident is immediate, but the stress of financial loss from the accident can be long lasting. Here are some ways to deal with the onset of medical and other bills.

Ask For Help From A Friend

It’s difficult to pay daily bills when you are in the hospital, so ask a friend or relative to pay bills from your account temporarily. Your bank will need a signature and identification from you allowing this. Obviously you should only ask someone you know very well and trust deeply. Another option is to buy them a prepaid card to use to pay daily bills.

Seek Payments From Auto Insurance and Personal Medical Insurance

Generally speaking, when you are in an auto accident, either your insurance or that of the person who hit you will pay you for medical bills up to the limit of the claim. After that has been expended, you can also seek payments from your own personal medical insurance.

The Family Medical Leave Act

If you were a full time employee, the Federal Family Medical Leave Act allows you to take leave for up to 12 weeks for personal injury, and you can be re-employed after that time. There are restrictions to this rule, so check the government website for specific rules in your case. Your doctor can give you an official notice telling you when you will be able to resume work. Be sure you receive that notice. It will come in handy when you are trying to receive payment for lost wages and other compensation.

Negotiate With Medical Doctors And Hospitals

Physicians and hospitals will sometimes negotiate or extend medical bills into time payments if they are aware of your financial inability to pay bills all at once. Talk to their financial department about resolving bills with a time payment plan. For minor tests and imaging, go to clinics and specialized offices, rather than hospitals, if possible. This may save you money, but it’s important to call ahead of time and ask what they charge to find the best option for you.

Apply For Disability Insurance

If you are seriously injured and your injury will affect your ability to work permanently, you can apply for disability insurance. Disability insurance doesn’t pay out immediately, but it can be a great benefit if your injuries turn out to be permanent.

Consult A Personal Attorney

When one party has been willfully negligent in a car accident, such as in the case where the other driver was drunk, there is good reason to consult an attorney. An attorney can get you the most amount of payment for damages available by law. In cases of wrongdoing, it can send a punitive message to the other driver.

When a car accident has occurred, it is important to concentrate on recovery instead of on medical bills. Rely on others during your recovery to help you do that. Attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve, putting your mind at ease when it comes to medical bills.

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