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Is A Career In Law Worth It? Six Reasons You Should Pursue A Law Education And Career

Becoming an attorney takes many years of studying, but in the end, it is a rewarding career choice. You’re looking at around a four year undergraduate degree, three years of law school, and another six months in passing the bar exam and getting sworn in. It requires both personal and financial sacrifices. These are six reasons why that sacrifice and investment pay off.


The median income for attorneys at well over $100,000 a year speaks for itself. Many attorneys that are known on a national level earn considerably more. Even solo practitioners can reap a hefty income when concentrating on practice areas like personal injury or white collar crime.

Ability to help others

Lawyers are uniquely situated for helping the unfortunate guy or little old lady. You may not make as much when you occasionally undertake their representation, but intrinsic reward has its own value. You’re helping somebody who needs help. You might also get a referral three years down the road that pays for your kindness tenfold.

The bad guys

There are some very bad people out there that need to be put away. An undergraduate degree in criminal justice can be the first step toward becoming a prosecutor. It also prepares you well for the thought process needed in law school. You can make a tremendous contribution to your area by prosecuting bad guys and keeping others safe from them. Earnings of most senior level prosecutors are well into six figures. The benefits packages are generally strong too.

Mind games

A legal education and career will keep your brain sharp and intellect challenged for a lifetime. Lawyers learn that every rule has exceptions, and they continually analyze them. They read, write and interact with others daily, often on an intellectually competitive level. For decades they’ll employ their analytical abilities from dawn until dusk, even when retired. When you think like a lawyer, you’ll think that way for life.

Legal diversity

A chemist or engineer can go into patent law. Teachers can go into educational law. Athletes can be sports lawyers and agents. Pilots can be aviation lawyers. Biologists can be become environmental lawyers. Whatever one’s primary interest is, they can specialize in that area of the law.


No matter what area of law you decide to focus on, it will require a great deal of education and studying to get there. A criminal justice degree can give you the information needed to succeed in your career. Because lawyers need to keep up with the new laws a regulations, they are always in touch with the world today.

There are other great reasons for becoming a lawyer, and the rewards are well worth the sacrifices. With hard work and a passion for law, you can get the job of your dreams and make a positive impact.

This article is courtesy of Anita Ginsburg, a freelance writer from Denver who often writes about home, family, law and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.


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