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Criminal Defense: Understanding What To Do After Being Charged With A Crime

Most often, one charged with a crime is arrested, but that is not always the case. In some circumstances, for example, a judge may issue an arrest warrant as a result of a court hearing. In other situations, an individual has been the focus of an investigation that has been conducted for some time and seems destined for an indictment. In any scenario involving criminal charges, it is imperative to retain legal counsel as soon as possible.

Thorough Investigation

It is important to realize there is a difference between what a police investigation entails and how a criminal defense attorney approaches defending a criminal charge. Evidence tends to become more difficult to uncover and witnesses’ memories fade with time. The sooner a criminal defense attorney is on the case, the better the defendant is served.

Placing the Prosecution on Notice

The presence of a criminal lawyer on the scene will most certainly attract the attention of the district attorney. He or she will understand that this case is one that will be contested at each stage of the proceeding and important Constitutional rights must be honored as the case is prosecuted.

Dos and Don’ts

Clearly, if you have been charged with a crime you are experiencing great anxiety at the very least. Nonetheless, it is imperative to move forward with your life and be certain to give yourself the best opportunity to achieve a positive result in the case. In that regard:

  • Resume your normal life as much as possible. Go to work, care for your children and do what you typically do.
  • Do not reoffend. This may seem obvious, but the pressure some people feel when under investigation creates enormous stress.
  • Stay in contact with your lawyer. There will be the need for the regular exchange of information and the court must always know your whereabouts.
  • Do not talk about the matter to anyone. Of course it is the most natural response to wish to speak to others of your plight; resist the urge. Nothing good, and often a negative that may compromise your defense will occur with unnecessary conversation about your legal situation.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney for Legal Advice

The full weight of law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office is against you; level the playing field by retaining experienced criminal defense counsel. You have legal rights; protect them.

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