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When Should You Consider Settling Out of Court?

A personal injury can have a significant impact on your personal life, determining your ability to work and whether or not you will have continuing medical problems in the future. If you are involved in a personal injury case, acquiring an attorney with knowledge and experience can be critical in ensuring that you receive appropriate compensation for your injury. A settlement is a sum of money that is offered to compensate the injured party. A number of factors come into play when considering when to settle your case out of court, instead of extending that dispute through a lengthy court process.

Ongoing Medical Needs

Legal experts recommend refraining from considering a settlement out of court until your medical condition is thoroughly evaluated and you know the extent of the disability, whether temporary or permanent, and how your life will be affected. These considerations will influence the amount of compensation you will need to stabilize your condition and normalize your life in future years. Even a settlement, though, can potentially cover your medical needs. Consider Ladah Law Firm’s case results for a snapshot into potentially settlement outcomes.

Returning to Work Duties

Another consideration for the injured party is whether he or she will be able to perform their usual work tasks, will have to seek a different form of employment or possibly will not be able to work at all. Agreeing to a settlement amount before you know the true impact of your injury on your ability to work can leave injured parties at a serious advantage if they find they are unable to support their families.

Family Responsibilities

A serious injury can cause severe disruption in an individual’s family. The focus on medical care, disruption in income and other matters can create an atmosphere of chaos and distress. Many plaintiffs feel that settling out of court will allow them to return to normal more quickly and reduce the amount of stress the injury has caused to their families. Frank discussions with an attorney can help determine if settlement is the best course of action for these individuals and their families.

Ability to Wait

Another consideration is a practical one. Plaintiffs may feel they cannot afford to wait through a long, involved court case over disputed amounts of compensation and may feel it’s more beneficial to settle for an amount, so that they can resume their lives as normally as possible. This is a personal consideration that plaintiffs must decide for themselves.

If you have questions about receiving a settlement for your personal injury case, do your homework and figure out how a settlement will influence your finances, timelines, and medical conditions.

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