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4 Crucial Questions if Your Loved One is Injured at a Senior Care Facility

If a member of your family is in a nursing home, they have certain rights that the federal government has specified. Of those rights, two of the most important might be those of being treated with dignity and respect and having a trusted person manage the senior’s affairs. If your senior is injured or otherwise suffers damages in a residential care facility, you should ask yourself these very serious questions.

Was There a Breach of a Duty?

The duty of a residential care facility is to provide quality care to its residents 24 hours a day. When adequately staffed, there shouldn’t be any gaps or want of care. Lack of adequate staff or improperly trained staff interfere with the patient’s dignity and respect. The family member is there for a reason. They need quality and timely assistance.

Was My Loved One Injured or Damaged?

You might not be 100 percent satisfied with the care that your senior is getting, but it’s also impossible to please everybody. If their physical and mental conditions along with their finances are where they’re expected to be at, there probably isn’t any neglect. Should you see a rapid physical and/or mental deterioration or significant reduction of their assets, they might have a case for legal repercussions. That’s when you want the intervention of an experienced nursing home attorney.

Was Neglect or Exploitation the Cause of Their Damages?

As people get older, they get increasingly more frail. A residential care facility can’t have somebody with your senior every minute of every day. We all hurt ourselves at times. But if your senior sustained a fall and a fracture, they could have tripped over something in an unlit area, slipped on a wet floor or fallen out of bed when rails were necessary. If personal items are missing or bank accounts are depleted, are they victims of exploitation? You probably want to discuss this with a nursing home attorney.

Should I Call the Police?

Milwaukee injury lawyer Jonathan P. Groth advises getting law enforcement involved right away if you believe a crime has been committed. There are criminal statutes against physical abuse and financial exploitation of seniors. The Milwaukee County District Attorney takes senior exploitation very seriously.

Give your senior’s complaints or condition careful but reasonable evaluation. It’s particularly difficult if they don’t want to speak or can’t speak. Law enforcement and a nursing home attorney might provide you with insight the insight you need to make a decision.

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