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Six Of The Most Embarrassing Crimes You Don’t Want To Be Accused Of

In today’s world, there are several seemingly innocent acts, such as relieving yourself in public, that are criminalized and can cause an individual significant social embarrassment. Listed below are six crimes you certainly do not want to get charged with.

Urinating in Public

This offense is illegal in all 50 states under a law that criminalized the act specifically. It is very socially embarrassing to be arrested for something that could have been avoided easily, and this small act could potentially land you on the registered sex offender list. The disorderly act is punished as a misdemeanor that could include a variety of punishments including community service, fines or even jail time.

Road Rage

While aggressive driving is simply a traffic violation, road rage is a criminal offense equal to assault with a dangerous weapon. Additionally, if you take your frustrated shouting and gesturing too far, then the law officials can consider this harassment.

Prostitution & Solicitation

Law officials have been finding new ways to stop prostitution and even going so far as to use fake online profiles to arrest suspects. The law takes this crime very seriously, and the punishments are quite heavy for offenders. If you are convicted, then you will have to suffer some embarrassing social consequences. Consequences range from the loss of your professional license to a public record of the sex crime. You will likely also face fines, jail time or community service. It’s important to talk to a solicitation lawyer as soon as possible in this situation.

Child Pornography

Social media and widespread use of cell phones has attracted a lot of attention lately. A new teenage fad where teens take sexual photos and distribute the images has spread across the nation. Anyone who receives a teen’s naked ‘selfie’ can find themselves in danger of being prosecuted for possession of child pornography, even if they never requested the picture. You could face serious jail time, fines and even be listed as a sex offender for life.

Flashing During Mardi-Gras

You can be arrested for indecent exposure and wind up on the sex offender registry for flashing your breasts in several states. Despite the custom in New Orleans, it is wise to avoid this tradition during Mardi-Gras season.

Infringing on Copyright Laws

If you watch unauthorized YouTube videos, share DVDs or even share music, then you are likely in violation of copyright laws. It would be both unfortunate and embarrassing to face criminal charges on your record for an offense like pirating.

No one wants to be convicted of a crime, especially one that carries embarrassing social stigmas. You’ll certainly want to avoid these six acts to ensure you don’t get caught up in a legal battle. It’s always wise to consult with a lawyer if you are being charged of any crime.

This article is courtesy of Anita Ginsburg, a freelance writer from Denver who often writes about home, family, law and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.

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