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Getting a US Green Card: What You Need to Know

Living in the U.S. is a dream for many and why wouldn’t it be?

The country speaks of superior living conditions, excellent education system, a better social welfare system and economic opportunities galore for the citizens.

The thought of settling in the U.S. starts with a dream for a better life and grows into the determination to be an American citizen. However, the process of procuring a green card is no walk in the park.

The process can be excessively demanding, paperwork-intensive, time-consuming and, in several cases, troublesome too. But, don’t let this dampen your spirit. By keeping all the minute details related to the process in mind and following the related regulations, the experience can be quite a smooth one.

Remember, the U.S. green card is a prized possession for a habitant because it does make living in the country a comfortable proposition. So, staying determined through the process is crucial.

Here are six essentials to keep in mind when you apply for the U.S. green card.

  1. Understand the Green Card Application Process

First things first. It is essential for you to determine the most appropriate way to avail a green card. For this, you need to know the category you fall in –

  • Family-sponsored preference category
  • Employment-based preference category
  • Diversity visa immigration
  • Refugees and asylees

After figuring out your respective category, you can learn more about the application process. The process differs based on the method in which one seeks to obtain a green card.

  1. Learn about the Green Card Lottery System

The annual green card lottery program (Diversity Immigrant Visa Program) is a brilliant opportunity for potential immigrants to obtain the status as permanent legal residents of the U.S. Each year 55,000 permanent visas or green cards are handed to applicants through this program, where the selection of the applications is done randomly in a lottery process. Make sure to get all the information related to it and check if you fall in the category of Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.

  1. Invest Sufficient Time in Research

It is important that you are extremely careful about who you take green card-related advice from. There are a plethora of myths, false beliefs and rumors related to the process, and believing them without clarifying with a knowledgeable professional is the worst mistake you can make.

It is, therefore, essential that you invest substantial time in conducting research related to the entire process and get a thorough understanding of the aspects related to it. You can refer to the USCIS website, as the information available on it is accurate and reliable.

  1. Seek Help from an Experienced Lawyer

If you are facing difficulty in understanding a law or an aspect of the green card-acquiring process, it is best to get in touch with an experienced and professional immigration lawyer.

He or she will help you understand the several laws and details related to it, making things simpler for you. Moreover, he or she can also help you prepare for the green card interview.

  1. Don’t Upset the Authorities or Violate the Laws

Being deported owing to violation of a law is the last thing you would want. It is extremely essential that you follow the laws of the state. Even a parking violation is a strict no-no.

Remember to not do anything that upsets the state authorities as the consequences can be catastrophic and can even ruin your chances of getting the green card. Follow the necessary regulations and the provisions with extreme care.

  1. Other Guidelines to Bear in Mind
  • Start collecting the necessary documents related to the green card-acquiring process well in time, in order to save yourself from hassles later.
  • You can ask your U.S. employer to put in a good word for you as that can be quite helpful when applying for a green card.
  • If you are applying for a green card through the petition of a family member, check if more than one family member is eligible to petition for you. Doing so will give you more options even if one of the applications gets rejected or takes too long to process.
  • The wait for green card applicants can go up to 10 years or more. It is, therefore, important that you maintain your calm and be patient.


The process of obtaining a U.S. green card can be quite cumbersome and may come with its share of difficulties. However, by keeping the above-mentioned guidelines in mind and taking care of the minute details, you may increase your chances of attaining the coveted eligibility. These tips will help you pursue your objective of acquiring U.S. citizenship. It is important that you stay determined and don’t lose hope, regardless of how complex the process may seem. Only then will you be able to ensure that your dream of becoming an American citizen comes true.

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