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When Should You Call a Lawyer? 5 Instances Where You Need Legal Help

In general, you prefer to handle your problems on your own. You feel that you can settle disputes among friends and family members with discretion and care. And you perform your own research whenever you have to make an important decision. But despite your best efforts, some situations do require outside help to resolve. If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, don’t hesitate to call on a lawyer for assistance. 

  1. You’ve Been Arrested for a Crime

As a respectable citizen, you try to follow the laws to the best of your ability. But even the best of us can make mistakes, and you might unknowingly violate a little-known local or federal law. A lawyer assembles details and gathers facts about your case and then put it in the most favorable light before the court. With a lawyer, you may receive a lesser sentence or even have the case dismissed entirely.

  1. You Were Involved in a Serious Accident

Even if you drive 5 miles under the speed limit, come to a complete stop at every stop sign, and always signal whenever you change lanes, you may still be at risk for a car crash or accident. Other drivers on the road might run a red light or swerve into your lane at the last second, and you may experience a severe injury as a result. If someone else’s negligence or misconduct caused you pain or damaged your property, a lawyer helps you pursue compensation to cover the cost of medical bills and repairs. Learn more about how a personal injury attorney can help if you’ve been seriously injured.

  1. You Need to Change Your Family Status

Family matters may seem strictly personal, but more often than not, you’ll need a lawyer for any significant events. For example, if you want to marry, a lawyer writes your pre-nuptial agreements. If you want to divorce, a lawyer divides your assets and files the necessary paperwork. And if you want to adopt a child, a lawyer will help you navigate adoption laws and prepare you for any adoption hearings.

  1. You Need to Change Your Financial Status

If you’ve accrued a great deal of debt and can’t find any other alternative solutions, a lawyer helps you file for bankruptcy and manages your personal property. Similarly, if you plan to buy or sell a major asset (such as a large piece of real estate), a lawyer ensures the transaction goes as smoothly as possible between the buyer and seller.

  1. You Want to Start a Business

Think your start-up business is too small for legal assistance? Think again. If you plan to open a business or form a partnership with another corporation, you’ll want a lawyer to oversee its formation. A good lawyer explains which laws apply to your business as well as helps you avoid tax liabilities and penalties. Furthermore, a lawyer establishes your rights and expectations so you can better settle disagreements in the future.

These are just a few ways a lawyer can help you, though the right lawyer can assist you in countless other ways, too. If you need any legal help, don’t hesitate to call on a lawyer for advice and guidance.

This article is courtesy of Anita Ginsburg, a freelance writer from Denver who often writes about home, family, law and business. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.

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