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Money Isn’t The Only Issue In A Personal Injury Case

Getting injured is bound to lead to severe lifestyle changes, which is why personal injury lawsuits exist. Injured people are entitled have their medical bills paid by the liable party, as well as recoup wages lost as a result of the injury. Beyond these obvious financial injuries, a personal injury has other, almost intangible, effects.

If you’ve been hurt by personal injury, these are some examples of the losses you’ll incur:

  • Obvious Injury Effects: Amongst the most significant effects of a personal injury stands the cost of medical bills. The money spent on treatments and doctors are sometimes too much to handle. Therefore, it’s considered one of the most serious results of an injury.

Apart from that, though, you run into other implications which include losing earnings due to recovery time. It may even cover property damage, such as from a car accident. Cars are valuable and the wrong attorney may overlook that value in a court case. The Merman Law Firm in Houston says it’s important to “help you get your car fixed,” as well as “get you top dollar for your car accident injuries.”

  • Emotional Effects: If you are a vibrant person, the emotional implications of a personal injury are more distinct. Everyone does feel the emotional effects of injury, but it’s a more difficult transition for an active individual who is suddenly immobilized for recovery. Moreover, if a personal injury is permanent, the effects can sometimes lead to a loss of will. One’s will is replaced by disappointment and perhaps self-pity. The injured party may seek isolation and this could lead to depression, relationship problems, and other emotionally draining effects.
  • Defamation Effects: After a serious personal injury, it’s essential the injured party receive time off from work (and other duties such as school) to recover from the accident. It may not be immediately visible, but this time can have a negative effect on the injured person’s reputation at work.

Employers aren’t keen on productivity setbacks, and a job loss is possible, especially when the victim is destined for a long-term recovery. Over the long-term, the term injured may become a label. It could create career problems, or hold back a career that was previously heading in an upward direction. It’s important the injured party don’t give up, and also that attorneys do their best to prove exactly how much damage the accident has caused.

  • Social Effects: Last, but certainly not least, is the negative (and sometimes completely intangible) social interactions that sometimes occur post-injury. Specifically, the injured person is found to perform inadequately on a social level, which leads to low self-esteem.

These are normal reactions, born from the accident’s trauma and the lack of empathy in relationships. What’s actually upsetting is the fact that for brain personal injuries, the social impacts aren’t short-term. They have a longer effect. Sometimes the effects last forever, and friendships and other relationships are a sacrifice the injured person is forced to make.

Considering all of the above, it’s safe to assume that a personal injury does not only lead to financial problems, but also side effects concerning many aspects of the life of the injured person. It can feel like nothing is the same after an accident. These effects involve mostly alterations in the social encounters, in one’s career or on a deeper psychological level. What needs to be stressed, though, is that with care from people around, personal injury effects might gradually decrease to something the injured party can cope with.

This article is from Jenna Brown. Jenna is a freelance blogger who is mainly focused on business innovation and breaking stories in business. Jenna has been blogging since college where she studied marketing and has merged her love of keying stories into copy writing work as well as plenty of reading and writing for fun! Find and follow on her new Twitter here! Also seen here.

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