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How You Can Bring a Lawsuit Against Your Employer

You work hard for your money. You shouldn’t have to fight for proper treatment. No one wants to resort to litigation but if you feel that your employer has violated your rights and broken the law, what are your legal options? In most states, including Texas and New Jersey, the law is complex. An experienced NJ employment attorney can help you understand how the law applies to your specific case.

You can bring a lawsuit against your employer for a number of different violations:

  • On The Job Injuries – If you have been injured while on the job, you can take your employer to court for workers’ compensation to cover medical bills and lost wages.
  • Defamation – If your employer has made false claims against you, such as when called on for a reference, you can bring litigation against them for slander or libel.
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – Certain employees are entitled to 12 weeks of family leave to care for a family member. If you have been denied your rights under the FMLA, you can seek damages for pain, humiliation, and emotional distress.
  • Age Discrimination – Your employer may not refuse to hire you, force you to retire, or fire you because of your age. While on the job, you cannot be passed on for assignments or benefits because of your age. If you have been discriminated against because of your age, you may be entitled to restoration of lost wages and possible additional damages.
  • Disability Discrimination – An employer cannot discriminate based on a person’s physical or mental abilities. Under NJ law, disability includes physical disability, infirmity, malformation, or disfigurement caused by bodily injury, birth defect, or illness. If you have been discriminated against because of a physical or mental disability, you may be entitled to back pay, restoration of benefits, and damages.
  • Race, religious, national origin discrimination – An employer cannot discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, or religion when hiring, deciding salaries, job assignments, or promotions; or during layoffs. If you have been discriminated against because of your race or religion you may be entitled to back pay, restoration of benefits, and damages.
  • Sex, Sexual Orientation, Perceived Sexual Orientation And Sexual Harassment – You cannot be discriminated against because of your sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, perceived sexual identity, gender identity, or for being pregnant, If you have been discriminated against because of your sex or sexual identity, you may be entitled to back pay and damages.
  • Wrongful Termination – Your employer cannot fire you for illegal reasons, such as retaliation, or because of discrimination.
  • Wage And Hour Violations – If you were denied the minimum wage, your employer engaged in unfair tipping practices or incorrectly recorded your hours, or you were the victim of other wage and hour violations, you may have cause for a lawsuit.

Author information: Christopher G. Aiello is a partner in the New Jersey law firm of Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero, Pastor & Shiffman, P.C.

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