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7 Tips to Handling a Hit-and-Run

A hit-and-run accident is a stressful event, however, what you do in the moments after one occurs is critical. Making the right decisions can affect the severity of injuries suffered in the accident as well as affect your ability to seek compensation. Consider the following tips for handling a hit-and-run accident.

  1. Check on All Individuals Involved

Before evaluating property damage, check on the status of everyone involved in the accident. Make sure that they are okay. If anyone needs medical attention, do your best to help them get it. If they have lost consciousness or are having pain in their neck or back, avoid moving them unless there is a hazard present that makes that immediately necessary.

  1. Contact the Police

You will need to call law enforcement if the accident results in extensive property damage, injury to someone or death. You should request that a police report be filed when the police arrive at the scene of the accident. Be sure to get the names and badge numbers of the officers who respond.

  1. Record Any Information You Can Find

Your phone or your notepad should be in your hand immediately after a hit-and-run accident. Once you have made the necessary phone calls and are safely parked out of harm’s way, get out your phone or notepad and start recording everything you can about the accident. The most important piece of information will be the other driver’s license plate number. Do your best to see and memorize the number as they drive off. Any other identifying information about the car will be important as well. Along with the make and model, noting special rims or bumper stickers can help police to track it down. A description of the driver will also be helpful as police investigate the accident.

  1. Find a Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney

In an accident where there has been an injury, you will want to consult an experienced Austin personal injury attorney to help you with your case. You will want to get an attorney like Eric Harron, a car accident attorney in Austin, Texas. The right attorney can help you to get the most out of your claim if you have suffered an injury.

  1. Tell Your Insurance Provider

Make sure that your insurance company is fully informed about the accident right away. Be cooperative and truthful about the accident and about the severity of your injuries. Aim to be as clear as you can when providing them with details. If your insurance company discovers that you have not been completely honest with them, you could wind up in serious trouble. They may even deny you coverage for the accident. Get a copy of the police report so that you can make it clear who was at fault.

  1. Identify Any Witnesses

After you record what you remember about the car and/or the driver, look around for anyone who saw the accident. Ask them if they are willing to be a witness. Someone who stops and helps you after seeing the accident would be an ideal person to ask. If they are willing, get their contact information along with their name and what they remember seeing. Reassure that their information will only be shared with your insurance company, your lawyer and the police if it is requested. Provide them with your own contact information and be sure to thank them.

  1. Stay on Top of Your Medical Treatment

With enough information, police may be able to identify the other driver. If this happens, you may be able to file a claim. Take note of the doctors, physical therapists and other medical practitioners who treat your injuries. Keep detailed records of the treatments you get and the medications that have been prescribed for you. Ask for copies of all your medical reports and bills so that you will be able to prove your medical costs later on. You will also want to prove pain and suffering, which is somewhat more difficult than providing evidence of medical expenses. Do this by recording how your injuries have affected your life on a day-to-day basis.

After the accident, do your best to take control of your emotions and focus on what you have to do. Take control of the situation. Following the steps above can help to resolve the situation and ensure you are justly compensated.

This article is from Lizzie Weakley, a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She went to college at The Ohio State University where she studied communications. She enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her four-year-old husky Snowball.

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