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Nader Raises Concerns Over Self-Driving Cars

NBC News reports that consumer advocate Ralph Nader wants the auto industry “to slow down when it comes to self-driving cars.” He “told Automotive News that automakers’ rush to push automated features in vehicles could lead to more distracted driving — and therefore more deaths on the road.” Nader said, “There are definite benefits of collision-avoidance systems. But the problem is once the auto companies get on to something, they don’t know when to stop.”

The Huffington Post reports on Ralph Nader’s role in shaping US policy and history, noting that his book “Unsafe became a bestseller, and it’s now listed by the Library of Congress as one of the 88 ‘books that shaped America.’” Thanks to his contribution, “Congress passed, and President Lyndon Johnson signed into law, a bill creating the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,” the article reports.

Google self-driving cars programmed to be overly cautious. Business Insider reports that Google’s self-driving cars “are equipped with all kinds of sensors to process the world around them,” but they “also programmed to recognize a library of emergency sirens so that they can better access their environment.” The company said in its monthly self-driving car project report said, “As soon as we’re alerted, our cars drive more conservatively (e.g., slowing down a bit or avoiding entering an intersection) until we have a better sense of where the sirens are coming from.” The report added, “Even if sirens aren’t sounding, our cameras are on the lookout for emergency vehicles and are designed to detect flashing lights. So if a fire truck is coming through an intersection, we’ll stop and let it through. Or if an emergency vehicle is approaching from behind, we’ll slow down and pull over until we know it’s safe to resume the journey.”

From the news release of the American Association for Justice.

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