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4 Signs You Are Entitled to Compensation After an Auto Accident

In today’s litigious society, it doesn’t take much for an auto accident to evolve into an expensive and time-consuming legal battle. With over 5.2 million accidents taking place every year, it is important that every driver knows their rights and responsibilities regarding these life-altering events. Read on for a look at four signs you might be entitled to compensation after an auto accident.

  1. You Have Reached Your Insurance Limits

The vast majority of drivers have insurance policies that only meet minimum state requirements. For most states, this is around $30,000 for medical expenses and pain and suffering. When that money has been exhausted, victims might have to face mounting medical bills with absolutely no help. These individuals should speak with an attorney about their legal options if they were not responsible for the accident.

  1. You Can No Longer Work

Losing one’s ability to work goes well beyond emergency medical services. For many people, being injured to the point that they cannot carry out their job could actually cost them millions of dollars. Disability benefits might cover some of the expenses, but that is not always enough, so some people will seek out a personal injury lawyer. The type of compensation due to disability is generally referred to as lost income compensation.

  1. Your Quality of Life Has Diminished

Pain and suffering compensation is a little more difficult to calculate. Unlike medical expenses, damaged property, and lost income, there is no easy way to put an exact amount on pain and suffering. As a general rule in some states, a multiplier is used on the tangible expenses. The judge might multiply the medical bills and lost wages by three in order to come up with a fair amount.

  1. The Accident Was the Result of Faulty Auto Parts

In this case, the car manufacturer or the company that created the part will most likely be at fault for the accident. These types of cases are also incredibly complex and could evolve into a class action lawsuit against the company. Car manufacturers are required by law to produce vehicles that are relatively safe when they are operating correctly. The company will be fully or partially at fault for an accident if their vehicle does not meet those standards.

If you believe you are entitled to compensation, then you must immediately contact a local auto accident attorney. These legal professionals can help you through the complicated process of filing and winning a lawsuit against another party.

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