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4 Unexpected Ways You Could End Up in Court

We all know there are many, many ways to find yourself facing a judge. From felonies such as robbery to misdemeanors all the way down to lawsuits involving your neighbors or employers, the possible ways to find yourself in court are almost endless. There are, however, things that can land you in front of a judge that you may never have thought of.

Fishing and Hunting Laws

Fishing and hunting are national pastimes. While you may know a license is required to participate in these past times, you may not realize there are other laws governing these activities. There are regulated seasons for the different fish and game you’re allowed to catch, and catching the wrong one at the wrong time can land you in front of a judge and facing hefty fines and court costs. Failing to be licensed for these activities can also cost you a pretty penny.


Failing to show up to school doesn’t just impact a student’s education — miss enough days, and that student may find themselves up against more than failing grades. Court costs, fines, and more missed school days to face a judge are all very real consequences students considered truant can expect. Parents may even find themselves in hot water, as the law will often hold them responsible for their child’s truancy.

Pet-Related Crimes

A call to animal control isn’t the only thing pet owners can face if their pets get loose, don’t have tags, or even make too much noise. Your pet can cost you hundreds, even thousands, in fines, court costs, and other legal fees for failing to adhere to leash laws, noise ordinances, and other legalities involving pets.

Real Estate Disputes

A dispute over land boundaries, water rights, or a failure to disclose latent defects in a home are some ways home owners and sellers can find themselves in court for a real estate dispute. While you may not expect to land in a boundary dispute when asking a neighbor to move their fence, be sure to do your research just in case. You can click here for more information regarding real estate disputes or consult with an attorney in your area.


While it may seem there’s very little you can do to avoid ending up in court at some point, most of these types of court cases can be settled quickly and easily with the help of an experienced attorney. Some cases may be dropped entirely, while a good lawyer can find a way to reduce fines and other court costs.

This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, finance, and family issues. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

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