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What Burglars Do Not Want You To Know

As you go about your normal daily routine, the safety of your home and your valuables doesn’t usually cross your mind, but in the mind of a professional burglar, it is the only thing he thinks about. Homeowners and residents need to make efforts to understand the mindset of a burglar in order to properly protect themselves from being victimized in the future. Let’s examine the world through the eyes of a burglar to discover what makes a home a desirable target.

Burglars Appreciate Curb Appeal, Too

Real estate agents are not the only individuals who are looking for curb appeal. Burglars are also attracted to homes based on the view from the street, though these thieves have a different definition of curb appeal. To the potential home invader, that lovely, low hanging tree in your front yard provides excellent cover for creeping up to your window. He also appreciates that you turn off your porch light at night to allow you to enjoy the soft, romantic starlight. He thinks ambient lighting is underutilized, too. Some solutions to lessen the curb appeal of your home is to upgrade your lighting system. A motion sensor light will allow you to bask in the starlight when it is safe, but alerts you to the approach of any threat to your peaceful evening. You can also litter your lawn with signage, such as “beware of dog” and “security system on site.”

Burglars Target Specific Kinds of Homes

Certain homes have a higher likelihood of being hit by a thief. Though it may seem odd, if your house has been burglarized before, your chances of being hit again increase. The burglar considers your home a “success” and is confident in giving it another try. Townhouses are also a house robber’s favorite since many have ground-level entry sliding glass doors. Homes in cul-de-sacs set back from main streets and residences located in low-population areas beckon the looter’s attention since the likelihood of being spotted is minimal. If your home falls into any of these categories, consider installing security cameras to discourage burglars from victimizing your home. Lorex security cameras are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, so you can rest assured that your family and home have the most effective protection possible.

Burglars Like Empty Houses

Burglars look for signs of inactivity like overgrown hedges and weeds in the yard, or indications like the same light being on for several days or a growing pile of newspapers in the driveway. To deflect the unwanted attention of a burglar, keep a well-manicured lawn and change lighting patterns frequently. In addition to being a great companion and alarm system, dogs also suggest that there is life beyond the front door of a home, and if there’s one thing a burglar does not appreciate, it is an attentive canine resident.

With burglary being so prevalent in the U.S., homeowners and residents need to be proactive it securing their homes against possible attack. To foil a home invader, you must think like one.

Author information: Jayme Cook is a writer, English and Communications professor, zombie fanatic, maniacal reader, and Oxford comma enthusiast living in Phoenix.

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