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What To Do In Case Of An Athletic Medical Emergency

There is definitely nothing worse than watching your child get seriously injured while playing a sport. This is something that can be tragic for the whole family. When an athletic medical emergency occurs you want to make sure that you do all that you can to help them feel better and get back on their feet. That is why it is absolutely essential to have a small first-aid kit on hand in case supplies are needed until the person can get to a doctor or hospital.

Stay Calm

The athlete is probably upset enough after the injury. Until tests are completed to diagnose what might be wrong, you need to remain calm so that the athlete doesn’t become fearful of the seriousness of the injury. Even if there is a large amount of blood or a broken bone, try to encourage the athlete to breathe normally and not to move until help arrives. This can really help lessen the stress of the situation and can really help the patient feel more comfortable and less worried.

When Others Are Involved

Sometimes in cases of an athletic injury there is another player involved. The incident might be an accident, or it could have been intentional if there has been any conflict with members of the team. If the injury was done on purpose, then consider talking to a personal injury attorney, such as those at Tarkowsky & Piper Co., L.P.A., to see if there is any kind of compensation that can be received for medical bills.

Call For Help

Don’t try to take the athlete to the doctor or hospital on your own. It’s best to call for emergency help so that the medics can provide any kind of support that is needed on the way from the sporting event to the hospital. If you are unable to call, then designate someone else to give the information about the incident and to wait until the ambulance arrives.

Safety Kits

Most sports arenas have at least a small kit with safety materials. Find the kit, and use the necessary items to help treat the athlete until someone with more equipment gets to the scene. Most kits have a temporary brace if there is a sprain or a broken bone, antiseptic spray, gels and medications for pain.

Be Prepared

Before an injury occurs, be prepared for it to take place. If you have everything that you might need for an injury, then you won’t be as fearful of the situation. Keep contact information for all athletes in case someone is injured and there isn’t a parent at the game.

Athletes have the potential to become injured while playing. They might get a bump or bruise, or they could receive a concussion or broken bone. There isn’t any prediction as to what kind of injury might occur. If you’re prepared for anything, then it can make an injury easier to deal with.

Author information: Kare Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.


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