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How to Keep You and Your Dog Safe While Walking

Dallas Animal Services has published excellent safety tips to consider while walking your dog (or walking your cat if you can get one to actually walk with you).

Here is the first section. Take a look at the rest.

Basic Tools for Safety:

  • Always keep your pets leashed.
  • Carry your phone and call 911 if you are attackedor are concerned for your immediate safety.
  • Carry an air horn with you. A blast of this noisemay scare off aggressing animals/people and will let neighbors know you need assistance. (A long loud blast may also often break up a dog fight).
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Should you encounter aggressive loose animals, items such as trash cans, lawn furniture, fenced yards, parked vehicles and outdoor hoses may assist you.
  • Walk in populated, well-traveled and well-lit areas. Walk purposefully and know where you are at all times. Know your neighborhood and where you are safe.
  • If you see loose dogs ahead of you, or dogs that are agitated at a fence line, try crossing the street or walking in another direction to avoid them.
  • Avoid approaching loose animals if you have your pet with you and avoid interaction with 3 or more loose dogs whenever possible.
  • If you are walking your pet, loose dogs will approach other dogs. If you have a small dog, quickly pick him up and start moving away from the loose dogs.
  • Keep in mind that dogs can be startled by loud noise or fast movement – so do not scream or run.
  • Report non-urgent violations, such as loose dogs, using the 311 “app” that can be downloaded from Reports can be filed quickly from your phone and provide information to help DAS pinpoint areas of heavy loose dog activity.

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