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Legal Implications – What is it Like to be the Victim of Assault?

Assault is a crime that takes many forms, but its repercussions are always the same. The victims of assault always end up with emotional devastation that takes years to heal. The victim of the crime of assault is usually distrustful of people afterward. Such a person may cringe or flinch when an intimidating person comes near. In the worst cases, assault victims remain in a protective shell for the rest of their lives to prevent other people from hurting them.

What Is Assault?

Assault is a crime that can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the state and the nature of the crime. The simplest case of assault may involve a threat from one person to another. To qualify for assault, the threat has to truly intimidate the victim and have a violent nature. The assaulter does not necessarily have to physically hurt the victim, although such an action can classify as assault, as well. Professionals, like those at McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C., know that aggravated assault is a form of assault in which the assaulter does connect physically with the victim. Aggravated assault cases are cases that involve dangerous weapons such as guns, as well. Furthermore, aggravated assault includes sexual crimes and assaults.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a horrid crime in which the offender forces the person or attempts to force the person to engage in sexual activity. The offender uses physical force or threats of harm to intimidate the victim into submission. In some cases, the offender takes advantage of someone who is inebriated. The victim is often left with horrifying memories and a great deal of work to do to overcome the low self-esteem that erupts after such an ordeal.

How the Courts Treat Perpetrators

The court system has no tolerance for assaulters, especially ones that partake in sexual crimes. The sentences for people who are guilty of assault range from one year to 25 years. The time that it takes for a victim to heal from the wounds varies according to the severity of the violation and that victim’s state before such a thing occurred. Many times, victims have to deal with further abuse by people who do not believe their stories. That just causes the healing to grow in difficulty. Eventually, the light shines on these persons again, but it often takes years of recovery before the person is okay and can move on in a healthy fashion.

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