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Self Defense Practices for Women

Too often women are faced with the reality of being ill-equipped to defend themselves when in a vulnerable situation. Predators are unpredictable and, as a woman, it is best to know how to protect yourself when encountering a potential attack. Here are a few useful tools a woman can possess to enable herself to feel safer, wiser and more prepared in a precarious situation.

Martial Arts

There are many different styles of martial arts that teach self-defense techniques. Tae Kwon Do can be useful for women with strong legs, as the practice teaches many ways to make your opponent defenseless with a single kick. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu focuses on combat that occurs on the ground; the movements can enable women to escape sexual assault when finding themselves underneath the body of their attacker. Another form of martial arts is Aikido. This style teaches students how to use an opponent’s own strength against them using techniques such as joint lock and throwing. Most martial arts classes are inexpensive and offered at local community centers and YMCAs.


A dog is a great line of defense against intruders in the home. Security lights can be invasive and security systems and alarms can be steeply expensive. A trusted canine companion can be trained to guard you and your home, allowing you to feel more secure while you’re in the house. For women who worry about traveling alone in the wilderness, it is useful to bring a dog along as it can deter most predators from entering your camp.


Although carrying a concealed weapon may create the illusion of security, a gun is only as useful as your skill to use it. Take your time when choosing a handgun for yourself — be sure to test different gauges, hand grips and barrel lengths. Once you find the right gun, head to a firing range to practice shooting with it. It will help you feel solid in your ability to handle the firearm. If you are uneasy with the idea of handling a gun, opt for an air pistol or BB gun until you’re ready for a weapon with more power.

Other Tools

If having a weapon of some sort puts your mind at ease, but a gun isn’t for you, there are less intimidating options that fit conveniently on your key ring or in your purse. A taser, pepper spray and a billy club can all be compact enough to fit in a small bag to carry with you at all times. You never know when dire measures may need to be taken, it is best to be prepared than to be taken off guard.

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