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4 Kinds of Lawyers for Different Types of Cases

Many people shop for a lawyer offering quality assistance. Also, there are a lot of individuals interested in attending law school. These people often hit the roadblock of confusion about the various disciplines of law. There is a common and erroneous belief about how any lawyer is able to do any job. The following is a list concerning the specialties and functions of lawyers practicing specialized disciplines.

Employment and Labor Lawyer

Lawyers in this niche specialize in employment or labor, and they tackle the issues working people often have to face. The essence of this discipline primarily deals with ensuring that businesses abide by labor laws on the state and federal level. These lawyers go into courtrooms and make the argument for their clients. They argue about whether or not employers have been sticking to their terms, state laws and the employment contract.

Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers often deal with a variety of clients and specialize in counseling businesses and people with anything related to their business or personal finances. Also, there is a large group of tax lawyers dedicated to defending people against audits and preventing them from facing sizable fines and jail time. Also, individual tax lawyers frequently work to defend regular people in a courtroom setting. In addition to those other duties, a good portion of tax lawyers work in estate planning. Many of them find employment within large corporations in the tax department.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation lawyers specialize in a crucial niche of law. These lawyers are broad practitioners, and the category is composed of several other disciplines. These lawyers handle a variety of suits and other tasks, but they do not deal with criminal law. Anything from a breach of contract case to landlord difficulties can be handled and successfully resolved by civil litigation lawyers. They are good at most facets of civil litigation.

Family Lawyer

Family lawyers deal directly with family issues. These lawyers typically work in family planning or anything having to do with an estate, and family attorneys frequently deal with problems impacting the client directly. For example, family lawyers frequently handle custody battles, divorces, prenuptial agreements and issues regarding marriage and custody. Many family lawyers devote their time only to divorces, but there are many who are dedicated to tackling all facets of the family law niche.

Aspiring civil litigation lawyers will have an advantage if they are fortunate enough to find a program able to offer a set of tools dedicated to enhancing career goals. An online master’s degree in law will give lawyers an extra set of tools to meet their obligations.

The study and practice of law is a gigantic pool of knowledge. It is impossible for any one lawyer to be versed in every niche. Like medicine, it is essential for lawyers to focus their talent and expertise into certain areas to offer their clients the best representation possible. It is advantageous for lawyers to specialize in a limited number of fields to give their clients quality representation, and it is equally advantageous for clients to pick the proper counsel for the area they need legal representation in.

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