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Drinking And Driving: 4 Reasons Why It’s Just Not Worth It

It takes a very short period of time to pour a glass and have a drink. But if you get behind the wheel of a car afterward, that drink might have long-term, devastating consequences upon your life, especially if you have a crash and hurt or kill someone. There are four reasons in particular why it is just not worth it.

License Suspensions

One of the most difficult consequences of drunk driving is that your license could be suspended. Not being able to drive can be devastating if your job requires that you be able to drive. Some suspensions last for about a month, while others can last for a year or longer. With the loss of your license you would have to find other ways to get around for quite a while.

Jail Time Even For Those Under 18

If you are underage, do not expect to receive leniency. There are several states in which you can be tried as an adult if you are arrested for a DUI under Zero Tolerance laws. Some states have a mandatory jail time and your time in jail will be recorded on your permanent record. It may become impossible to be employed for certain jobs, such as those in the transportation industry. Even if you do not live in a state with a mandatory jail sentence for first time offenders, the mandatory jail sentence is much more common if you re-offend. Even going to jail for a few days can be very disruptive. If you wish to get out on bail, it may be very difficult to come up with the money necessary to do so.

Injury Or Death

Being involved in a collision can lead to serious injuries or possibly even death. Even if you can afford the medical treatment for your injuries, you may never fully recover. You may become paralyzed, experience prolonged pain, or experience a vast array of other permanent medical conditions. The list of physical consequences is endless. Also, not only will you most likely hurt yourself, but you can hurt a lot of others as well. That is definitely something you want to avoid. Tons of people are killed in drunk driving collisions every year and that is most definitely not something that you will want to be a part of.

Expensive Fines

A DUI can be expensive, especially if you are of limited means. That is why you know you need a lawyer such as those from the Lowry Law Firm. When it comes to things like this the average court fee is $1,100. The fees can escalate over time based on how often you have been arrested for drunk driving. If you have lost your license, you will also need to pay a license reinstatement fee.

Overall, drinking and driving really just isn’t worth it. Make sure to avoid driving when you drink or find a designated driver. That can definitely help save you from a lot of pain and heartache. This also can help prevent you from hurting yourself and others.

Author information: Kare Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. You can find Kara on Facebook and Twitter.


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