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Friday Fun

I am an unabashed Bob Dylan fan. His first album came out in 1962, when I was in junior high, JFK was president, and our involvement in Viet Nam was in the earliest stages. He rose to fame while I was in high school and the war in Viet Nam was escalating. His popularity soared while I was in college and law school, Viet Nam was aflame, and the draft was taking my friends. (I blessedly failed my physical.) If you weren’t alive in those days I’m not sure you can understand the unease of many teenagers. Dylan became a touchstone for me, and it’s a rare day even now that I don’t listen to him.

This site is a few years old, and frankly I thought I had already put it on this blog. It’s an interactive map of every street, town, and city Dylan has ever sung about. If you have even a slight knowledge of his work it will be fun for you to click on the many locations and see the song and lyrics that mention the spot. Enjoy.

The image here is one of Dylan’s many paintings.

Bob Kraft

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